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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Local Regressive Hater Decries War Reenactment Presentation At Historic Brattonsville

Well folks, believe it or not the Troll came back.

Andy Dys, local regressive snowflake, anti-Confederate heritage reactionary, and newspaper columnist for the Rock Hill Herald has once again popped up from the shadows and struck out at the innocent, spreading his message of division and hatred. 

This time his target is a local American Civil War reenactment that takes place every year at Brattonsville on the third weekend in October. One this blogger tries to attend every year in fact.

His arguments against the reenactment stemmed from the usual broken records he used when attacking the upcoming SC SCV reunion planned for Rock Hill in March of 2017: (blah blah blah) taxpayer money shouldn't be used around a Confederate flag (blah blah blah) my pussy hurts (blah blah blah)....flag is slavery, hate, racism (blah blah blah)...ect ect ad nauseum. All arguments that this blogger soundly destroyed in rebuttal (which somehow didn't make the Rock Hill Herald's comment section for some reason or another....humm) but which I was all too happy to add HERE as a blog post. 

Now here I am, again going point-by-point through this intellectual lightweight's article and sifting through the bullshit. As always my responses are in red. 

Enjoy folks. 

York County holds re-enactment of (a) Civil War battle 

– but there was no battle 

By Andrew (I am a shit stain on the underwear of life) Dys


Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/andrew-dys/article109090187.html#storylink=cpy
There will be a (American) Civil War battle event at Historic Brattonsville in York County on Saturday and Sunday. However, one thing is clear: There was no Civil War battle there. Not ever. Not one. (A fact that most people with even a grade school knowledge of South Carolina history is already aware of, Andy.)

The plantation owners on the historic site were slaveholders and supporters of the Confederacy. (The Bratton family, yes. That much is true.)

So why host a reenactment of a battle that never happened? (To promote education, put on events for school-age children to learn about the lives of soldiers on both sides, how they lived day to day, how they fought the battles, how the gear worked....should I go on?) And why would a museum supported annually by millions of York County tax dollars host an event that will feature reenactors carrying the controversial Confederate flag that remains (Is wrongly and erroneously viewed by regressive snowflakes as) a symbol of slavery and hate to so many people. A flag that just last year was (wrongly) lowered from the South Carolina Statehouse (I think you messed up here. You imply it was removed from the Statehouse itself rather than from a memorial of South Carolina's war dead.) after the slaughter of nine black people at a Charleston church allegedly by a white racist named Dylann Roof who wanted to start a race war? (The act of a psychopath that had nothing to do directly with the Dixie Cross banner itself.)

The Confederate flag and Confederate heritage and advocacy groups – that do not refute the war being about slavery – participate annually and promote their agenda that is pro-Confederacy. (LMFAO! Oh wow! What a misinformed little troll you are dude! The annual event takes place over two days during which one side or the other wins the daily battle. For people like you who cannot follow along, let me say again in plain language: the Union re-enactors WIN ONE DAY OUT OF THE TWO BATTLES! Not exactly what one would call "pro-Confederate" now is it?) The sponsor group shows Confederate flags on its materials. (And a US flag too.) It even advertises computer wallpaper made of Confederate flags. There will be vendors of such Confederate flag materials at the event. (The vendors you refer to are largely called "sutlers" and they likewise carry material with Union period flags, blue Union uniforms, and images of Union leaders like Grant and Lincoln.)

The answer is simple, York County’s Culture & Heritage Museums officials say: reenactors and spectators like it. (Oh we do, Andy, we really really do!)

The controversy over the Confederate flag (Oh, you mean the one you made up out of nothing?) continues in York County with York Technical College, also supported by taxpayers, hosting a Confederate advocacy group early next year in an event that has been denounced by the NAACP. (You mean the same group that just recently demanded that African-American children should stay in substandard schools? HERE. Nice role models you've chosen for allies, fucktard!)

HIstoric Brattonsville, southwest of Rock Hill, is the former site of the Bratton plantation that was owned by a family that both supported the Confederacy and slavery, and sent soldiers to fight in the war. (Their family also included local American Revolutionary War heroes too, FYI!) Brattonsville is the actual historic site of the Revolutionary War Battle of Huck’s Defeat, an important victory against the British. Reenactments are held there every summer. (Which this blogger also attends like I did this year, click HERE to see the photos I took.)

But no Civil War battle was fought there, said Michael Scoggins, historian for the Culture & Heritage Museums, (And a friend of mine too, I might add.) and Carey Tilley, executive director of the museums. (Which I also attend and enjoy!)

“This is a popular public program,” Scoggins said, “but it is not a reflection of what happened here.”
The reenactment is meant to teach regional history, Tilley said, and give a general sense of what soldiers on both sides of the Civil War endured during battle. (That's what I said, though stated in more general terms.)

“It is very popular” Tilley said. (It is!)

A group of reenactors from the 6th South Carolina Volunteers group (Which also includes friends of mine!) made up of many descendants of Confederate soldiers from York, Chester and Fairfield counties put on the event with help from York County employees and are allowed use of the property, said Scoggins and Tilley. The Culture & Heritage Museums use the money from admission to help pay for other programs. (Both Historic Brattonsville and the Culture & Heritage Museums do really amazing work on all their programs. It is an honor for me to contribute to them.)

More than a thousand (several thousand in fact) people generally pay to watch the reenactors portraying both Confederate and Union soldiers fire cannons, charge each other, and see other demonstrations.

But there has been concern over the years that the annual event is not historically correct or even relevant. (No doubt from you and your very close circle of butt buddies alone, Andy.) A former museum executive director more than a decade ago wanted the event dropped, but the event marches on. (Yeah a former director for several huge reasons, none of which I will say here.) Then last year, after the Charleston shootings and the state dropping the flag from public view, museum officials again discussed the event but decided to keep it. (And it was a grand ole time too! I still have the pictures on my blog from last year's event HERE.)

So on Saturday and Sunday, York County taxpayers – a county of more than a quarter-million people and about 20 percent black – will pay for a show featuring the same symbol that divided the nation in the Civil War and through segregation and lynchings and Jim Crow into the present. (The same symbol I might add that also inspired US soldiers from Southern States overseas when they fought to liberate Nazi concentration camps. To hold the line against Communist aggression in South Korea and Vietnam. To run Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. The same symbol that is embraced as a living symbol of Southerners of all races and religious faiths as seen HERE. The only people who misuse that symbol to divide people today are white supremacists and Leftist regressives like you who support their odious views of the flag's alleged sumbolism.

Tilley said all those concerns were “fair questions” about whether the reenactment should continue on a site where no battle happened and the renewed objections to the Confederate flag after the Charleston massacre. Staff determined the event should stay on as long as participants did not advocate the Confederate flag or the Confederacy’s position supporting slavery, Tilley said. (News flash: They never did advocate for either, you moron!)

The only use of the Confederate flag that is allowed is the historical use – reenactors carrying the flag during battle reenactment, Tilley said. No political statements or advocacy is allowed, Tilley said. (Again name one occasion where anyone used a battle reenactment to advocate for politics.) 

“We do not allow the use of the Confederate flag in a celebratory manner,” Tilley said. (Nope, just as a memorial manner, much like last year's photos of the event show.)

Brattonsville does host an annual “By the Sweat of Our Brows” event about the slave experience at the plantation, (Which is a good one in fact! I regret that I was unable to attend this year's presentation, though I will try to do so next year. Will make a good blog post.) and some historical interpretation of how the war affected black slaves will be presented this weekend, Tilley said. (Which happens every year, I might also add.)

“This is not a celebration of war, or the war, but a legitimate opportunity to teach history,” Tilley said. “A lot of soldiers fought and died on both sides.” (Well said, sir! If I thought for a moment that reenactments were celebrations of war, I would never personally attend them, being anti-war myself.)

So there you have it folks. 

Not being content with causing problems for the upcoming 2017 South Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion in Rock Hill next March, this hateful snowflake now wants to attack an event that draws thousands to York County every October -- thousands of paying consumers I might add -- to enjoy an event meant to be educational and to promote an aspect of our shared Southern heritage and history. 

All because the idea of someone having a Dixie Cross banner -- either a historical battle flag, or a modern-day flag -- and displaying it in any context that Mr. Regressive Troll disapproves of, or worse flies or displays in pride and without any false sense of guilt (gasp!) so offends what passes for his sensibilities that it cannot pass without him running his dick-licker about it in the overpriced propaganda rag he calls a newspaper. 

Here is a prediction of mine: the event will go ahead as planned, the vendors and sutlers there will not be intimidated from displaying or selling Confederate banners, nobody will be offended, and everyone will have a good time. 

Let us wait and see what happens, shall we?

UPDATE! 10-23-2016

The annual Civil War living history reenactment took place on Saturday, October 22nd and Sunday, October 23rd as planned. I attended as part of a three-part day with my sister's boys. As predicted the event was held and everyone had a good time despite the attempt of the "Troll of the Rock Hill Hearld" to intimidate and bully the people at Historic Brattonsville and the sponsors of the reenactment with his message of hatred and division. See the photos I took of the event HERE.

One more victory for the Good Guys! 

Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/andrew-dys/article109090187.html#storylink=cpy

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