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Monday, July 11, 2016

Battle of Huck's Defeat Reenactment

On Sunday, July 10th, I took a familiar trip north to York County, South Carolina to Historic Brattonsville, the site of what is known around these parts as the Battle of Huck's Defeat (officially the Battle of Williamson Plantation) on July 12, 1780.

Huck's Defeat is perhaps the most significant battle of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolutionary War that took place in the area in the summer of 1780. The battle itself was fought on both sides by Americans - Patriot (Whig) militia against British Provincials (Americans enrolled in the British army) and local Loyalist (Tory) militia. 

The details of the battle itself and the significant impact it had on the America's War for Independence will be forthcoming in my next blog post. 

The fact that this important battle and Patriot victory was fought less than 12 miles from where I live and grew up is understandably a great source of pride for this Southern boy. Naturally every year I try to attend the reenactment of the battle if I can.

This year's battle was both good and disappointing. 

The disappointment was the smaller number of living history reenactors in attendance. In recent years the hobby (though don't let them hear you call it that!) of reenacting has been on the decline largely due to the US economy rather than any lack of real enthusiasm on the part of reenactors themselves. It is a somewhat expensive way of life. 

In previous years the number of reenactors would have reached close to two hundred. About sixty - seventy were in attendance this weekend.

Despite this those reenactors who were in attendance portraying the men and women on both sides made up for their smaller number with the great energy they put into their roles.  

The following photos I took of the events that took place that day, as well as the battle reenactment itself. 

The Bratton Plantation House Circa 1840.

Props from the film The Patriot (2000) filmed largely around Historic Brattonsville.
The original Bratton homestead.
Built in the 1760s it is one of the oldest homes in York County, SC.
Royal Artillerymen reenactors firing a 6 pounder.
Local historian Michael C. Scoggins talks about the battle fought near the site.
Reenactors honor the men on both sides who fought at Huck's Defeat.

I hope that y'all enjoyed this visual presentation. The battle reenactment itself is truly one worth traveling to see, as well as the other demonstrations of 18th century life put on by the wonderful folks who work on the site. If y'all are ever in the area, please stop by check it out for yourselves.

Visit the following website here for more information on Historic Brattonsville. For other amazing sites to visit in the area click here.

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