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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Epic Autumn Day With My Sister's Boys -- Part Two: The One-Stop Of Death & A Civil War Reenactment

After leaving the HILLarity Festival in downtown Chester, my little buddies and I made our way north on SC 321 toward part two of our Epic Autumn Day In October.

On the way there, I stopped over in the small town of Lowrys for gas and something to snack on for the road. I have been in this gas station many times over the years, but no matter how many times I go in there, I cannot bring myself to like the fact the owners keep hunting trophies in their establishment. 

Okay folks, before I go on I do want to point out that I am in no way opposed to hunting. I recognize it as a legitimate way to keep the ecosystem balanced by keeping certain animal populations from getting out of control. I also have no personal objections to hunting for food, or to keep pests like wild hogs from destroying crops. I am just not a huge fan of the idea of keeping heads and hides as hunting trophies. If you intend to keep a trophy a nice picture of yourself with your catch is the best. Takes up less space on the wall and more than enough to impress folks. No need to turn your library, den or "man cave" into a Room of Death.

Not a huge fan of the decor at the gas station. Poor things!

Still, the creepy furnishings aside, I got some bottle water, some snacks for the boys and Chick-O-Sticks for myself. I also purchased a small can of Dr. Pepper (need my sugar to stay sane!) and filled my tank before heading on up the road. We did stop at a couple of yard sales along the way -- unfortunately not finding any awesome nick-knacks for my collection -- before finally pulling into the parking lot at Historic Brattonsville where the annual Civil War Reenactment would be taking place over the course of the weekend.

Friends and members of the Ann White Chapter 123 UDC, Caroline Jamison Jenkins Chapter 7 Order of the Confederate Rose, and the Brigadier General Micah Jenkins Camp# 1569 SCV were on scene. Also reenactors and members of the 6th Regiment SC Volunteers were there to provide educational demonstrations of the lives of both Johnny Reb and Billy Yank during the War Between The States (American Civil War 1861 - 1865). Sutlers (period-era traveling shops) were also there selling replicas and modern-day items for tourists including -- yep, you guessed it -- Confederate flags....as well as US flags of the period as well. 

A little reminder for everyone, this would be the same Civil War demonstration that a certain local anti-Confederate heritage reactionary columnist attempted to cause trouble with earlier in the week -- a fact that I commented on HERE. 

This trip served a dual purpose of providing more fun for my nephews and to report on what I witnessed personally through first-hand accounts and photographic evidence to refute the propaganda efforts of a regressive snowflake with a chip on his shoulder.
Despite the efforts of the aforementioned anti-Confederate heritage reactionary columnist and his regressive attempt at insiting hatred and division, or to cause trouble between Historic Brattonsville and the sponsors of the reenactment, the event itself not only went off very well, but people of all groups fully enjoyed themselves, as evidenced in the photographs on this blog post. And yes the flag was displayed and nobody there -- including those black Southerners in attendance -- were offended in any way. As shown time and time again on this very blog, the reality of the South and opposing SJW fiction are widely stark contrasts. 

The Hightower House.
A perfect smoke ring caused by the cannon fire.
I never get tired of seeing that happen.

Overall the visit was outstanding and the boys really loved all the soldier's gear and uniforms. 

The only downside to the trip was young Caleab getting really scared when the cannons went off. The concussion from the cannons firing causes the ground to shake and kinda rattle you just a little. The concussion from the big guns bothered Caleab -- he's not huge on loud noises, and though I told him to cover his ears and keep his mouth open slightly to keep his teeth from chattering beforehand, the feeling made him very nervous. He went back toward the house and watched the rest of the reenactment from the big porch. Poor little guy.

One can only imagine what it was like for the guys in the actual war since there are no cannon balls in the reenactment and the amount of powder used is far less than what would have been used in the real battle. The idea of those soldiers manning those big guns (many of whom developed hearing problems as a result) and the shock of standing next to them is intimidating enough, never mind being in the receiving end of those shells.

Still the reenactors put on a great demonstration as always, Tyler and Caleab got some really neat toys from the Sutler tents, and we were ready to again hit the road and head north again for the third and final part of our Epic Autumn Day In October coming up in the next post here on this blog. 

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