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Sunday, September 4, 2016

VA To Limit Display Of The Dixie Cross In Federal Cemeteries

The Dixie Cross (Confederate Battle Flag) at the graves of Confederate Dead
at Arlington National Cemetery.

Last week marked another unfortunate and somewhat minor victory for white supremacist idealism, cultural Marxism, and anti-Confederate heritage regressive bigotry.

Perhaps everyone will recall that back in May of this year, a bill was proposed and sponsored by California Representative Jared Huffman (D - San Rafael) and 84 other regressive and reactionary members of the US House of Representatives to limit the public display of the Confederate battle flag in cemeteries overseen by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. 

The purpose behind this bill was to favor the regressive and wrong-thinking, pro-white supremacist view of the flag and ultimately remove it from public viewing from flagpoles where Confederate veterans are buried in Federal cemeteries. Another effort on the part of Social "Just-Us" Warrior cultural reactionaries in their war against the memories of the honored Southern dead, and largely to discredit their status as American veterans worthy of recognition.  

While Huffman’s amendment to a VA spending bill passed on a bipartisan vote, a majority of House Republicans voted against the measure. A total of 84 Republicans voted with all but one Democrat in favor of Huffman's proposal, while 158 opposed it. The provision was ultimately left out of the final bicameral compromise VA appropriations legislation.

The bill died on June 24th of this year after congressional opponents struck it down. I spoke on this point when I updated a blog post back in May of this year. I pointed out that when the SJW regressives fail to win though the legal process, they circumvent it though backroom deals with like-minded Tools. Hate and reaction it seems always finds away, and unfortunately, fails to disappoint when one looks for it to happen. 

On Tuesday, August 23rd, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, allegedly on its own accord, decided to ban the large-scale display of the Dixie Cross banner in cemeteries overseen by the agency - in keeping with the specific details from the failed House bill. 

"We are aware of the concerns of those who wish to see Confederate flags removed from public venues because they are perceived by many (wrongly!) as a symbol of racial intolerance. We are also aware that the national cemeteries originated during the Civil War and that they are the final resting places of those who served (honorably) on both sides of that conflict and, as such, flags of the Confederacy are also viewed by some merely as historical symbols," the VA's interim undersecretary for memorial affairs, Ronald Walters, wrote in a letter to Representative Huffman. He also referred to the new policy enacted unilaterally as a "reasonable compromise" on the subject of the flag's display.

"While racist individuals and groups continue to embrace the Confederate battle flag, (over the strong objection of honorable Confederate heritage groups and a vast majority of Southerners of good will and moral conscience) it has never been more clear that this anachronistic symbol of hatred, slavery, and insurrection should not be promoted or gratuitously displayed on federal property," the regressive Mr. Huffman said in a statement on Tuesday. 
Starting later this year - possibly US Veteran's Day (Nov. 11th) - the ban on the flag's display will take effect. The Confederate battle flag will no longer be allowed to fly on any flagpole in national cemeteries. However, groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy will still be permitted to adorn individual graves with small Confederate banners on two days of the year: US Memorial Day and Confederate Memorial Day (although considering that the latter is celebrated on different days in various Southern States, the display of these flag could in fact come to more than just two days). The flag will also continue to be displayed at certain ceremonies and at private burials taking place at national cemeteries.

On a local level, smaller versions of the flag or items bearing its image on individual graves will not be removed so long as there is no cost to the government, or banned by local staff unless they conflict with other local rules on permitted displays - which of course means if someone doesn't like it there it will be removed by whatever delicate little snowflake works at the cemetery in question and to hell with the wishes of the families of the dead. 

Previous policy permitted for year-long display at VA controlled cemeteries where Confederate soldiers and veterans are buried in mass graves. 

This act, while certainly rooted in anti-Confederate heritage reactionary bigotry and regressive, pro-white supremacist idealism posing as "tolerance and compassion" on the part of the SJW crowd, is not a complete victory for those who seek the complete banishment of the flag's display from public view. 

On an interesting note, officially there have been no Confederate flags of any sort flying on VA cemetery poles since 1973. 

Wait what?

Yep, it seems that all the current ado about the display of the flag on VA cemetery poles appears to be nothing more than window dressing to justify the limiting of displays of smaller flags on individual graves, and to give a group of regressive politicians some good press for their special interest handlers....er, I mean concerned activist groups. 

No doubt it is seen as a step in that direction by the authors of the former legislation and those who cut the backroom deals that led to the policy taking effect despite the inability to achieve legal success. Also likely as the first step toward the ultimate overall banning of the display of any banner or temporary memorial in national cemeteries. 

Consider that at present in America, there are instances where the display of the US flag is being removed from public viewing by like-minded snowflakes who justify these acts as progressive, or out of "respect" for people who see the displays of the national colors as offensive in one form or another. 

Is it really too much of a stretch to believe that someday - should the current PC cultural trends endure for another decade - the flagpoles in VA run cemeteries will be removed entirely? Or that all stick flags adorning the graves of US Veterans placed their by the families of the dead will be removed siting some "beautification ordinance" as a justification? Or that "interpretive plaques" will be placed at the site of gravestones shaped as Christian crosses or the Star of David to explain their presence to those who may be "offended" by their display?

When one slips down the wet cobblestone path of cultural Marxism, the roll down the hill of regression is a long and bumpy tumble - but one that picks up speed all too quickly. Should the supporters of legislation like this continue to gain ground, the final solution of this particular path will be a dishonorable one indeed. 

I would also add that the US Department of Veteran Affairs would be better served by looking after the needs of those US Veterans and soldiers currently living - specifically those who are (sometimes literally) dying to get into the VA clinics for treatment in those all-too long waiting lines. 

Perhaps instead of taking deals from regressive politicians who seek to dishonor the dead, those currently in charge of the VA should work harder to advocate and insure that our American soldiers and veterans are treated with the dignity and respect they very much deserve, but all to often do not receive.

Just a little food for thought, along with a little good ole Southern Fried Common Sense.


  1. Well C.W. we both know what's gonna happen when word of this gets around (and I'm doing what I can to make it so by spreading the link to this post of yours.) There's gonna be more Rebel Flags at cemeteries and nearby places than ever before.

    People such as that idiot Huffman should get sued for slander and libel. Make the anti-Confederate morons prove their case in civil court. Time for the PC to move out of the USA. Meanwhile...

    I've got just the battle tune and initial lyrics to cause some trouble for these PC idiots. Still gotta do some tweaking to get it to fit the occasion. So keep tabs on your visitor count and prepare for battle.

  2. Oh gees. The battle tune I was gonna start with is on hold ‘cuz this new tune is messin’ with my head. Both tunes are long, educational anthems, too long to post here. But here’s a short beta version. It’s a Johnny Cash and the Highwaymen, quartet of voices sort of tune.
    “They Had Their Flag!”
    Copyright© 2016 S.P. Gambone
    All Rights Reserved for defense of Confederate Heritage

    They had their Flag! They loved Confed’racy
    Within that love... they made
    lots of Turtle Island History.
    If you see their Flag as racist
    then you are as blind as you can be.
    So now listen, learn and someday you might see.

    Long before Columbus there was Confed’rcy here, it’s true.
    The Five Nations, Spirit Journeys are these words all new to you.
    You say that you know hist’ry but you’re just spreading lies
    until you sea these lands through Turtle Island eyes.

    They had their Flag! They fought for Liberty.
    Within their hearts they kept all that purple mountain majesty.
    If you say their Flag is racist you are as dumb as you can be.
    If you can learn the truth then someday you might see.

    Close your eyes; feel its waves.
    On Turtle Island freedom is a sea.
    Where you choose to sail heart becomes what your heart will be.
    If you say their Flag is racist then you’re just spreading lies
    as Great Spirit and all of Turtle Island cries.
    Great Spirit was here before you
    and will be here when you’re long gone.
    They had their Flag and if you see hate you’re wrong!

    They had their Flag! Survived such misery.
    So many bled and wept within Blue Ridge Mountain majesty.
    If you believe their Flag is racist
    your hate of Red Men is plain to sea.
    And you are just as blind as you can be.

  3. Another interesting note is that scientific interpretation of the relevant data says that as ‘slaves’ and Free man of color the best way for a soldiering age black man to survive was to be on the Confederate team. The Union team used their black soldiers as human shields then left the wounded blacks to die.

    The modern genealogical record alone pretty much proves the scientific case. Nearly all blacks today with heritage tracing back to a black soldiering age male in Civil War times find their heritage puts their ancestor on the Confederate side. That fact is freaking out the PC Genealogists.

    " ...As usual with the (Union forces), they posted their negro regiments on their left and in front, where they were slain by hundreds, and upon retiring left their dead and wounded negroes uncared for, carrying off only the whites, which accounts for the fact that upon the first part of the battle-field nearly all the dead found were negroes." - Federal Official Records, Vol. XXV, Chapter XLVII, pg. 341 - report of the Confederate Commander, Savannah, April 27, 1864 - Battle of Ocean Pond [Olustee] - 54th Mass. present

    (I see you're up to 22,308 views. 25,000 will be here soon.)

  4. C.W. just curious. Did you ever come across stuff like this in your historical research? 'Cuz up here it's not mentioned that Jackson and Jefferson 'consulted' with Lincoln on the 'emancipation proclamation'.

    “A Singular Hallucination”
    “It is stated that the President, after the visitation of the Chicago clergymen last fall, turned his attention to Spiritualism, and since then has been controlled in his policy by the revelations of spiritual oracles. Before issuing his emancipation proclamation Mr. Lincoln placed himself in communication with the spirits of Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson. The spirit of the former was decidedly averse to the proclamation but that of the latter favored it. After long and profound consideration of the opinions expressed by the spirits aforesaid, the President concluded to reject the advice of the spirit of Jackson because it was that of a warrior, and adopt that of the spirit of Jefferson because it was the spirit of a statesmen. Hence the proclamation emancipating colored Americans of African descent.”
    Indiana State Sentinel, Monday March 16, 1863