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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Rally To The Colours!" Confederate Heritage And Flag Rally In York, SC 08-01-2015

On Saturday, August 1st, I had the honored to attend the "Rally To The Colours" gathering of fellow Pro-Confederate heritage defenders at a gathering of supporters at Rose Hill Cemetery in beautiful York, South Carolina. The event was hosted by the Private Thomas Caldwell Camp #31 (SCV) Clover, S.C.

Recently, small Confederate flags placed on the graves of Confederate soldiers inside Rose Hill Cemetery and the Confederate Soldiers Monument just outside the gates were removed. The current board of the cemetery recently surrendered to pro-racist, anti-Southern heritage views of the Dixie Cross. These anti-Southern heritage reactionaries who control the cemetery itself and somehow declared a public cemetery "private property" removed both Confederate and US flags from the graves of recognized American Veterans, declaring that they should not be displayed.

The rally on the first of August was done in support of Southern heritage and individual liberty and partly to protest of the desecration of Confederate monuments and flags. The rally itself was just one of about 50 known Confederate heritage rallies across the American Southland the same day. 

I was one of approximately 343 (official count) individuals from South and North Carolina who attended this event; all of us proudly standing in solidarity with the tens of thousands across the South who stood up for our shared Confederate historical heritage against assaults on our individual identity and against the wrongful mislabeling of the symbols of Southern identity - particularly the Dixie Cross banner.

The rally also served to honor the memory of fallen Confederate heritage activist and defender of the South, Mr. Anthony Hervey, who would be lain to rest the next day.

The following are photos I took of the event in York. We let the enemies of Southern heritage know - I certainly did with the last photo - that we do not need their approval to honor our Southern and American dead, nor their approval to be proud of who we are as their descendants, and certainly not their approval to openly honor the historical and cultural heritage all Southern people share - Confederate descendants or otherwise. 

It was also a wonderful sight to see so many flags there, and not just the traditional Dixie Cross, but the historical ones too of various Confederate units - as well as other American banners including Old Glory.

God Bless those who attended the event, braving the 98F summer heat, to come together as brothers and sisters of the Southland, united in support of our common Confederate heritage, and defending it against anti-Southern heritage reactionary intolerance.

Black Ribbon In Memory Of Mr. Anthony Hervey - RIP!
Kirk Michael Carter - The Coordinator Of The Rally At Rose Hill Cemetery.
Mr. H.K. Edgerton Of Asheville, NC - Keynote Speaker For The Event.
My Dixie Cross Banner At The York Confederate Soldiers Monument - The Same Flag The Current Pro-Racist Rose Hill Cemetery Board And Current Mayor Of York Decreed Should No Longer Be Placed At The Base Of The Monument - Or On the Graves Of Confederate Soldiers Buried In Rose Hill Cemetery.
Yep, That's Yours Truly, Your Humble Blogger Sporting My Ulster Red Modern Tartan Kilt For The Event In Honor Of My Ulster Irish Roots - And In Memory Of Professional Wrestler And Childhood Hero "Rowdy" Roddy Piper Who Died Tragically The Day Before Of A Heart Attack In His Sleep. RIP.
Two Friends Of Mine: Mr. Jimmy Owens And Mr. Donny Rayborn.
Mr. H.K. Edgerton Giving The Keynote Address.
Pastor Creighton Lovelace Delivers The Final Speech And Prayer Of The Event.
Whoa Careful There Pastor, You Can Put An Eye Out With That Thing! LOL!
View Of The Rally From Inside Rose Hill Cemetery.
Beautiful Celtic Cross Headstone At Rose Hill Cemetery. A Wonderful Example Of The Scotch-Irish & Celtic Cultural Heritage Of Upstate South Carolina.
The Grave Of Confederate Soldier And American Veteran Asbury Coward, 5th South Carolina Regiment. CSA. This Soldier - This Man, This Father, This Husband, This Brother, This Son - And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Other Sons Of Dixie Are The Reason The Confederate Heritage Of Our Shared Southern Identity Exists Today. This Is Why We As Their Proud Descendants Are Willing To Stand For The Flag They Fought Under And The Monuments That Represent Them, As Well As Our Rights As Individuals To Honor Them As We See Fit. 

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