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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Anti-Confederate Heritage Reactionary Tries To Link Charlottesville Tragedy To Southern Heritage -- And Gets Soundly Pwned By Yours Truly

This morning, I took the time to look through the news online before making breakfast. 

The tragic events in Charlottesville were still in my mind since learning of them late last night, and I wanted to see what further information had come to light. 

Not that I trust the mainstream US media to report anything closely resembling the truth mind you. I know all too well that the story will be used in the future to justify continued attacks on Confederate monuments and calls for their removal. I can easily predict that some line connecting this incident will be attached to every journalistic hit-piece against the display of any Confederate symbol in the near future, much like the continued references to the Left's favorite white supremacist continues to be two years after the Charleston tragedy. 

Still curiosity got the best of me, and wouldn't you know it, I found a story written just last night by another Southern-born regressive from Virginia, who attempted to link the slogan "Heritage Not Hate" to the actions of those white nationalists. 

I am hopeful that many people reading this blog are aware that true defenders of Southern-Confederate historical heritage are largely honorable Southern people made up of many people, including a number of non-whites and non-Christians, who reject white supremacist ideology, as documented here on this blog on many occasions. 

To make the broad claim that everyone who displays a Confederate flag, or stands at a Confederate monument is on the same side, or share the same thoughts and mentality toward those who think or look differently is of course simplistic and asinine. Then again regressive alt-Leftism isn't largely made up of mental giants who possess the ability to see distinctions in people. I personally know the difference between a person who is a classical Liberal and a modern-day regressive Social "Just-Us" Warrior. Because I know the difference, I choose not to classify all liberals in the same light. That being said, not everyone takes the time to look closely at distinctions between people and not lump them all together in group-think mentalities. 

Which brings us to today's example of the subspecies regressive cuckus, Mr. Tyler Coates of Virginia and his hit-piece in esquire.com attempting to link Confederate heritage and the slogan "Heritage Not Hate" to those white nationalist throwbacks in Charlottesville yesterday. Since the site does not allow for comments, your blogger will once again dissect the arguments here, pointing out their obvious flaws in Confederate Red.



It's No Longer About Southern Heritage. In Fact, It Never Was. 

Your opinion -- such as it is -- is duly noted, snowflake.


It's time Southerners recognize the lies we've been telling ourselves for over a century.
I wonder if I can make you recognize the lie you are telling yourself right now dude?

"It's about heritage, not hate." And if you had the first clue as to what that phrase truly means, you would agree. Sadly many modern-day regressives clearly do not. Sometime soon I am going to have to write a detailed post on the subject.

As a kid growing up in Virginia, that's the answer I always received when I questioned a Confederate flag hanging on the side of a shed or the statues of Confederate generals lining Monument Avenue in Richmond, our state capital. These weren't symbols of intolerance, racism, or white supremacy. No, these were to honor the lives lost in a lost cause: a war that divided our country in two, a series of battles in which the Southern man bravely defended his homeland and tragically lost. The monuments were built by grieving families who lost their loved ones: sons, brothers, husbands, and significant others. Killed in an ugly, useless war (as all wars ultimately are) and built as a means of closure for many who never learned the ultimate fate of their lost loved ones. The flags are displayed to honor the courage of those men and as part of our shared Southern historical and cultural identity. For 98% of us who honor them properly, they mean nothing more than that, and never have.
We Southerners have a strong sense of pride for our history and culture. We're very good at lying to ourselves to fit the narrative we want to believe. Your first sentence was well written, though you had to follow it up with what I am pretty sure will end up being regressive BS. Let's see if I am correct, shall we?

I grew up in Montross, Virginia, a tiny little town about an hour from Richmond. There's not much to say about it, but our bragging rights come from the fact that Montross is the seat of Westmoreland County, where two of America's most famous generals were born: George Washington and Robert E. Lee. Both of them moved away when they were children, but the symbolism is still there: Two men who played major roles in fundamental moments of our nation's history had their origins in our tiny part of the world.

Robert E. Lee, I'll admit, always cast a darker shadow over that part of Virginia than his Revolutionary War counterpart. I grew up being fed the tall tales of his devotion to his home state, his compassion and integrity; he sided not with the South, but with Virginia, and that is why he led the Confederate army against a tyrannical Union. I would have said an illegal and unconstitutional Union invasion, but oh well. It's bullshit, of course, but again: Southerners like their legends, and we like to present beautiful odes to our heroes even when the acts they committed were hardly heroic—but were, in fact, treasonous. Technically secession was never declared "treason" until a US Supreme Court decision (White Vs. Texas 1869) Four years AFTER the War Between The States ended in 1865. Now obviously you are aware (at least I hope so) that in a Constitutional Republic, or any democracy for that matter, a person cannot be convicted of an alleged crime when one is not legally declared a crime. Since there was no consensus on the legality of secession prior to that court decision, neither Lee, nor any other Confederate leader committed a legal crime. That isn't bullshit dude, it's legal fact. Own it!

I have never looked up to the men whose effigies stand tall in various parts of the South. I never thought they were heroes, simply because of the fact that they were fighting for a destructive, evil cause. Defending one's home from an illegal and unconstitutional invasion and destruction is an "evil cause"? Wow, guess all those European countries who fought in vain against the Axis Powers and the Soviet invasions during WW2 and after were clearly in the wrong, eh? We can have an endless debate over "states' rights" as the root of the Civil War; I find it pointless, because it is nothing more than a convenient narrative to avoid the truth. These men were fighting against the notion that all men and women—not just the white men in power, and the women who stood beside them—deserve the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for which our forefathers fought in the late 18th century. And naturally like all Leftist regressives, you are using that wonderful superpower y'all have where you can look into the hearts and minds of people and tell for certain you know what each and every individual thinks, thought, or feels. What a wonderful ability that is! Does it come with the educational lobotomy y'all get? They wanted to continue the practice of enslaving black men and women, of protecting whiteness. I will never see a Confederate flag or monument and separate it from a history of white supremacy, no matter how often I was instructed by our biased history lessons to ignore it. If you truly knew anything about those who actually honor the term "Heritage Not Hatred" or made an honest effort in your life to try and understand those who do, then you would know that a good many of us do not look past the negatives in Confederate heritage either. We simply do not believe they define the whole, nor negate the positive aspects as you seem to; but neither do we look past the wrongs committed by our ancestors either.

Last night in Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacists descended upon the town—and upon the grounds of the University of Virginia—to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from a city park. (Emancipation Park, to be exact; Southerners often turn a blind eye to irony.) Brandishing tiki torches, racist and homophobic slogans, and Nazi salutes, the group began to clash with Black Lives Matter activists and other groups protesting the planned "Unite the Right" rally. Those clashes continued on Saturday morning, when Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency. Allow me to point out a couple of ironies YOU seem to be overlooking fella. For one thing the gathering was largely condemned by honorable Confederate heritage groups opposed to the display of the flag and co-opting of Confederate symbols by white supremacists. Another thing, Emancipation Park was named in far more recent history, long after the statue of Lee was placed there. I know those details don't fit your narrative, but if you truly wish to lecture about honesty and not lying to oneself, you might wanna practice what you are trying to preach. 

To my fellow Virginians and Southerners who have stood so steadfast in their refusal to see our Confederate monuments for what they are, I ask you: What does this say about our heritage? It says that the enemies of our shared and living Confederate heritage are not just groups like the NAACP and radical Leftist regressives, they include those alt-right white nationalists who seek to wrongly co-opt symbols they have no moral claim to -- a detail that honorable Southern heritage groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans have known for two decades and have actively spoken out against. A detail that I pointed out on this blog HERE. These men and women are not protesting the elimination of Southern culture and history, but rather reacting to their own deluded notions that white people are losing control of our country. Exactly, they are not actual Confederate heritage supporters. Thank you for at least pointing out the distinction. When a group of men and women shout out "Jew will not replace us" in front of a statue of Robert E. Lee, what does that say about your symbol of Southern heritage? It says that a good many white people like you and those self same men and women require a history lesson about the 10,000 Jewish Confederates who fought in the War. When these people brandish Nazi symbols and scream "fuck you faggots" in front of your idol, (a historical statue honoring a community leader) what does it say about a historical figure who supposedly stood up against a tyrannical government to protect his land? The question should be: what does it say about the moronic, non-Confederate heritage supporting people doing so? Your question is just stupid.
Imagine if I asked: When people claiming to represent BLM chants What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? NOW! (a chant they are known for) in front of a statue of, oh say....W.E.B. Dubois, what does that say about said historical figure? Obviously it wouldn't say jack about Dubois, or his personal history at all. The people chanting would still be dumbasses with a hateful agenda, but said historical figure would have no actual part in this. 

The South lost the war. Over a century later, we're still fighting one—but it has nothing to do with states' rights or Southern pride. It is about racism, intolerance, and hatred. And at the center of it all are symbols that, despite the well-intended Southern narratives that have failed to reframe them as anything else, are the strongest representation of racism in our country's history. They are only to white supremacists....and ironically to regressive Leftists like you. To everyone else though they mean far more than just one narrow, limited view of their identity that ignores their full history. 

It is time the Confederate monuments come down for good, as they are now forever linked with an intolerance that extends beyond the borders of the Southern states. Only in your mind, dude. Others seem to disagree HERE. It's not about Southern heritage anymore, but rather America's heritage of propagating white supremacy as we comfort ourselves with slogans that suggest otherwise. You are correct that this isn't really about Southern heritage, it is about groups of haters misusing symbols they have no legitimate claim to in order to promote their own sordid agendas. Real defenders of those symbols -- people of all races and religious creeds -- frequently speak out against those who misuse them wrongly as symbols of hatred, or seek their removal from public display. Such people were not evident in Charlottesville on August 12th, only true enemies of our Confederate heritage (in one form or another) were. 

Well there you have it folks, a lesson in intellectual honesty and in the ability to define distinctions. I hope y'all enjoyed it as much as I did getting this off my chest.


  1. Let’s show off your stupidity and twisted logic with but a few your very own words Mr. Coates... along with some well-known facts.

    “It's No Longer About Christian Heritage. In Fact, It Never Was.” a sarcastic response by S.P. Gambone to that hate filled, Home-Yankee moron Tyler Coates.

    To my fellow U.S. citizens, Virginians, Southerners and other Christians who have stood so steadfast in their refusal to see all Christian cathedrals, monuments and all Christian symbols for what they are, I ask you: What does that say about Christian heritage?

    We all know the Crusades happened... thousands upon thousands of people slaughtered in the name of the Cross and Jesus. The Spanish Conquistadors brought that same evil, that same Christian tradition of mass murder to the New World.

    Again, what does that say about Christian heritage? Does it not say that ALL Christians today are evil because SOME still continue in their evil ways?

    Christian freaks in sheets continue to burn their Crosses of hatred... public acts that terrorize the innocent with that oh so evil symbol, the Cross.

    Christians lost their Crusades. Centuries later, they are still fighting on—but it has nothing to do with religious freedoms or Jesus is Love, does it? It is about racism, intolerance, and hatred. And at the center of it all are the symbols that, despite the well-intended Christian narratives that have failed to reframe them as anything else... that Christian Cross remains the strongest representation of murder and racism in history. Isn’t that how your logic works, Mr. Coates?

    After all, some still use the Cross to further their own ends, don’t they? Aren’t ALL Christians the SAME, Mr. Coates? Shouldn’t all Christians be tarred with your same ignorant brush?
    So Tyler, using your logic... is it time that all Christian monuments come down for good? Aren’t they forever linked with an intolerance that extends beyond the centuries, beyond State and National borders?

    It's not about Christian heritage anymore, is it Tyler? Isn’t it rather about the freaks in sheets propagating white supremacy and hate as we comfort ourselves with Christian slogans that suggest otherwise?
    I’ll end with a suggestion Mr. Coates. Visit that Church in Charleston, the one where one of the freaks slaughtered nine people. Those Christians forgave that murderer and you might be able to learn a lot from those Christian folks. And while there to learn keep this in mind Tyler...

    the overwhelming majority of Confederates were, and still are Christians.

    1. All very good point as always, sir....and I also points that would be lost on a nimrod like Mr. Coates.

    2. Coates is the typical cowardly pink-slimer given a pinko soapbox by the Pink Slime Media.
      (PSM = yellow journalism with the overpowering smell of pinko liberal, FemiNazis extremist bias.)

      Of course there’s nothing new about Pink Slime Tyler’s logic and methodology. Hitler and his Nazis used the same techniques against the Jews and other enemies of the fascist state.