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Monday, May 1, 2017

York County Confederate Flag Protest & Rally

On Saturday, April 22nd, a Confederate flag rally took place in front of the newly renovated York County Courthouse in York, South Carolina. 

Sponsored by the Private Thomas E. Caldwell Camp #31 SC Division Sons of Confederate Veterans and approved during the previous month's reunion of the SCSCV in Rock Hill, SC, approximately 172 Confederate descendants with various Confederate battle flags (modern and historical) and CSA national colors attended the 90 minute rally to protest the illegal removal of a Confederate 2nd National banner and two paintings of Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson from the courtroom where they were displayed since the early 1940s. 

The York County clerk of court, Mr. David Hamilton, refused to return the flag and portraits to the courtroom, despite promises to do so. This rally was in defense of South Carolina's Heritage Act of 2000 which prohibits the removal, relocation, or destruction of Confederate symbols. It was also in protest of the wrong-thinking regressive view that labels the Dixie Cross banner wrongly as a symbol of "hatred and racism". 

Despite a contingent of police nearby, the rally was held peacefully and the speakers all well received by those in attendance.

The following are photos this blogger took from the event. 

My compatriot and friend Miss Jenna Stoney from Florida in the
foreground waving. This would be the third Confederate flag
event in the last three months I attended locally with her and her
loyal service dog, Confederate Shorty.
Confederate Shorty after a long car drive.
Also Jenna's car looks about like mine does after a long trip, LOL!
Mr. Kirk Michael Carter, Commander of the Pvt. Thomas E.
Caldwell Camp #31 and 3rd Brigade Commander SC Division SCV.

"Today was a day to let the Clerk of Court, David Hamilton, know that for the removal of these historical items -- the confederate flag, the portraits of our great General Robert E. Lee, General Thomas Jackson is breaking the law according the Heritage Act of 2000. "We will not give up. We will see that the law is abided by." ~ Kirk Carter.
At Saturday's protest, 5th Congressional District Republican candidate
Sheri Few called the flag supporters honorable for holding the rally.

Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/news/local/article146242199.html#storylink=cpy
Reverend Creighton Lovelace, a Baptist preacher in Forest City, N.C. and NC Division SCV member spoke eloquently about our Southern-Confederate heritage and what connects it
to us as part of a living heritage.
Mr. Thomas Webberburger with a powerful message against
the removal of Southern-Confederate symbols and cultural genocide.
Polk's Battle Flag (CSA Army of Tennessee) and General Lee's HQ Flag
(CSA Army of Northern Virginia) represented at the rally.
Confederate Shorty enjoying the shade and the grass.

I would be less than honest if I said that everyone who attended the event was there to honor our shared Southern-Confederate historical heritage.

Also attending were at least three individuals: two anti-Confederate heritage regressive and one white supremacist throwback, who attempted to pass along their own "messages" despite being vastly outnumbered by the nearly 200 Confederate heritage defenders -- men, women and children of diverse backgrounds, religious faiths and ethnic origins (and in at least one case, a non-Southern Union descendant!) -- who stood fast against the removal and false labeling of the Dixie Cross banner and two portraits of Christian Southern heroes.  

A Leftist anti-Confederate heritage reactionary stands with a
sign supporting the pro-white supremacist stance concerning the flag --
ironically only ten feet from an African-American supporter of
the South's living memorial to the Confederate dead and historical heritage.
This individual with the neo-Nazi tattoos displaying the cheap novelty banner along with another flag above it* tried to send his own message. Instead I am proud to say that he was avoided and ignored by all in attendance. I am please to report he left just as the service started to end sour-faced and without finding any love for the "values" he was attempting to signal with his co-opted (novelty) Southern banner.
A second virtue-signaling Leftist regressive holding up a reality-defying
message while protesting an ethnically diverse group of Southerners
all of whom were gathered as brothers and sisters under a shared Confederate heritage.
Nothing but Southern kindness was shown toward this pitiable individual.

The beautiful spring weather with the strong breeze that kept the banners flying proudly in the spirit of common unity among those of us who dare to defend our ancestor's good name, and the banners they fought under from those who seek to divide us for their own political, or personal gain. 

Our presence and our determination, even in the face of opposition, showed that hatred and virtue-signaling disguised as "tolerance" could not win on that day. Nor will it win in the long run so long as there are those of us willing to face it down.

This particular fight is far from over in York, South Carolina, and this blogger promises to update y'all on whatever happens in regard to the issue of the flag and portraits being returned or relocated at the York County Courthouse. 

My friend Miss Jenna took the final photo while I posed with the group beside Confederate Shorty.

Till next time, y'all have a wonderful Dixie Day!

UPDATE 05-04-2016
The "Raven flag" displayed by the intruder with the neo-Nazi tattoos apparently has a positive historical origin. The information can be found HERE. I should also add that the misuse of that flag (a Viking symbol) by this person to advance the odious cause of racial supremacy is no more legitimate than the attempt by any other white supremacist to co-opt the Dixie cross banner for the same purpose.
(sighs) Well, I suppose that I must also thank Mr. Corey Meyer for finding that particular information and providing it to this blogger.


  1. To be accurate that Lefty's 'Choose Kindness' poster needs that Confederate Flag replaced by a picture of Abraham Lincoln and the words 'NOT Aggression' added. Had Lincoln and the North chosen kindness instead of aggression against the South a lot of lives on both sides could have been spared.

    Now imagine Confederate Shorty with a 'Choose Kindness NOT Aggression' sign standing right next to that Lefty dolt and his sign. Would the Lefty treat Shorty kindly or would he just storm off in huff?

    1. I trust Leftists about as far as I can throw them sir.
      For Miss Jenna's sake, I pray that Shorty is kept safe down there on monument patrol in NOLA. I wouldn't put it past some antifa throwback to toss poisoned baited meat to Shorty. There is no low that scum like that wouldn't sink to.

    2. What part of firing on Ft. Sumter wasn't aggression by the south...that happened long before Lincoln "invaded". Don't forget that some states like Louisiana took US property before secession had been declared. Seems like treason to me.

    3. What part of sending the "Star of the West" into what were technically foreign waters wasn't an act of aggression? If Russia or North Korea did that, it would be an act of war.
      I might also point out that calling for an illegal and unconstitutional invasion because of an attack where zero (Count em!) ZERO lives were lost on either side might be considered just a little bit uh, radical?
      Imagine for instance if Trump or Obama did the same thing? Do you think the American people would have been united in pushing a hawkish war where their sons and fathers would be killed to make industrialists rich off fat government contracts like Lincoln's railroad baron and banker pals were?
      Also I would add that since secession was not declared illegal until a US Supreme Court case four years AFTER the war concluded, nor was Jefferson Davis or any Confederate congressman tried for treason -- even though Davis himself demanded that he be tried; that secession was not technically "treason".
      The call for States to send 75,000 "volunteers" however might be considered an overreach of presidential authority. Well, four Southern governors certainly thought so anyhow.

      We can argue back and forth about which side was right or wrong -- for the record I don't really believe either side was technically "wrong" to a certain degree. (Mr. Gambone might disagree, but I believe that US Grant made a somewhat valid point in his autobiography about how States made up from the Louisiana Purchase paid by Federal money might not have been able to secede -- at least not without some degree of monetary compensation.)
      My only concern about the memory of that war lies not with causes, or governments; but rather with remembering the men themselves who fought, honoring their connection to those living today, and making certain the symbols of their memories and our living heritage are preserved for all the right reasons. The Lincoln administration and the Confederate Congress collectively (along with all the warhawks on both sides pushing for that insane war) can all burn for all I care on that score.

    4. Typical Corey blunder. South Carolina seceded before Lincoln's presidency started. So in Meyer-time the battle at Ft. Sumter occurred "long after" the secession where Sumter officially became the property of South Carolina, not the Union. The Union was given ample warning and time to get out of Sumter.

  2. You "cheap novelty banner" has symbolism...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raven_banner

    1. Actually I was referring to the blue one with the cannon.
      I don't suppose you have a link for the "symbolism" for that one?

    2. I do thank you for the link to the raven banner though. I knew it was Norse in origin....just another cultural symbol wrongly misappropriated by neo-nazi garbage. And yes, before you or someone else points it out I am aware that the original lobotomized puppets who founded National Socialist ideology like Hitler and especially Goering and Himmler incorporated Nordic symbolism into their insane idealism. In addition to being antisemitic, Nazis were also largely anti-Christian too. They preferred Nordic (Aryan) religious practices and only gave lip-service to the Christian faith.
      The neo-Nazi idiot can have Odin and Loki, I'll stick with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ thank you very much. The only place I wanna see Norse "gods" is in the next Marvel's Thor film this November. :)

    3. You fane concern over Neo-Nazis and such but yet you still go a flaggin' with them...odd.

    4. Okay, I'll bite, exactly how in your opinion have I "faned" concern as opposed to expressing legitimate disgust? How do you go about proving or disproving my sincerity? I am really curious. I would remind you that I made no effort to whitewash the presence of the individual -- or the two other "guilt" ridden snowflakes present.

      May I also point out that I was also "a flaggin" with two (count em!) TWO anti-Confederate heritage regressives (people who share the SAME EXACT VIEW of that flag as the neo-Nazi guy in question). Obviously I don't share their view of the flag anymore than I accept fascist idealism.

      Then again while those gathered ignore the three in question -- as per the standard rules of engagement in dealing with the Opposition on either side -- we also didn't gang up on them ten to one trying to provoke anger. Didn't throw rocks and bottles at them. Didn't grab their signs and flags and burn them. Didn't spit on them. Didn't pull weapons or throw improvised IEDs at them. Didn't try to act like anything but professional Southern ladies and gentlemen.

      The fact that both the Neo-Nazi and the two snowflakes in question all left with their tails between their legs having accomplished nothing seems to be lost on you. That my friend is why our side will prevail on this issue, and why the regressives and the white supremacists will fade away before the bicentennial of the War. Those who use fear and intimidation may win a few fights in the short term, but in the long run the backlash they build up always comes back with a great deal of interest. Those who show courage in the face of evil with the Lord as their defenders need never fear their enemies.

      Southern heritage defenders prove that one time and time again.

    5. "The flap over the Confederate flag is not quite as simple as the nation's race experts make it. They want us to believe the flag is a symbol of racism. Yes, racists have used the Confederate flag, but racists have also used the Bible and the U.S. flag. Should we get rid of the Bible and lower the U.S. flag? Black civil rights activists and their white liberal supporters who're attacking the Confederate flag have committed a deep, despicable dishonor to our patriotic black ancestors who marched, fought and died to protect their homeland from what they saw as Northern aggression."

      -- Walter E. Williams, Professor at George Mason University, columnist and... a black man.

    6. Dr. Walter E. Williams is indeed a good American man and true Reagan Conservative. And he is right in all aspects, except for perhaps the order in which he lists the Opposition. While the current attempts at Southern cultural genocide might have began with the NAACP's 1991 resolution abhorring the Dixie Cross and calling for its removal, the fact is that those black civil rights activists themselves are little more than the puppets and pawns of their white Liberal Establishment masters who fund them and pull their ideological strings. The main face of those who label that flag and all who honor it "racist" is not a black one, but a "guilty" regressive white one hiding behind the alleged virtue of "tolerance and diversity" (abet by THEIR own Tumblr definition rather than the actual one) when they are not hiding behind the black face masks of groups like antifa.

    7. Yes, it's a successful old con that goes way back where blacks are used as the political puppets of whites. Here are two quotes that speak to the North's military use of it:

      Ulysses. S. Grant, “General Burnside wanted to put his colored division in front, and I believe if he had done so it would have been a success. Still I agreed with General Meade as to his objections to that plan. General Meade said that if we put the colored troops in front, we had only one division, and it should prove a failure, it would then be said and very properly, that we were shoving these people ahead to get killed because we did not care anything about them. But that could not be said if we put white troops in front.”

      " ...As usual with (the Union forces), they posted their negro regiments on their left and in front, where they were slain by hundreds, and upon retiring left their dead and wounded negroes uncared for, carrying off only the whites, which accounts for the fact that upon the first part of the battle-field nearly all the dead found were negroes." - Federal Official Records, Vol. XXV, Chapter XLVII, pg. 341- report of the Confederate Commander, Savannah, April 27, 1864 - Battle of Ocean Pond

    8. The way the men of the United States Colored Troops (USCT) were treated by the Yankees was abysmal and disgraceful. When they fought, those men served as bravely as any others who fought on either side. There were more than a few times like you described where USCT regiments were treated as cannon fodder and sent into the worst places instead of white soldiers. Do you really think that Shaw truly "volunteered" the 54th to be the lead regiment in the attack on Battery Wagner?
      Several members of the USCT earned the (Congressional) Medal of Honor, yet some didn't receive it till decades after the War ended. For all of that they were not even allowed to march with the white Union soldiers in the victory parade at the end of the War in Washington City (D.C.) in 1865.
      Unfortunately this country has shown a long history of looking past those Black Americans who served in our armed services. Until the last few decades most of these stories never left certain circles and were remembered only by serious students of history. That is why stories about Black Confederates, Black Redcoats & Loyalists (and many Black Patriots too), the Buffalo Soldiers going up Kettle Hill with the Rough Riders, ect. did not become wide public knowledge until the last several decades.

    9. Still trying to give life to the Black Confederate myth are you?

    10. Corey, the only people who consider the existence of Confederate soldiers of color are a very small (and shrinking) minority of hysterians like your Denier friends Simpleton, Levin, Hall, Jimmy "the" Dick, and the other lower class "academics" over at the Hate Pages.
      The rest of the free-thinking and common sense driven real world seems to grasp the idea and accept it just fine.