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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Black Confederate Denier and Anonymous SJW Morlock Issues Challenge -- And Is Soundly Defeated On Its Own Blog!

Ladies and Gentlemen...and haters, I present Relee24468 (aka. DeStroy, aka SkidMarc).

Greetings and Salutations my fellow travelers.

Thanksgiving week is upon us, and wow it seemed to come up really fast this year!

I am pleased to announce that Southern Fried Common Sense has achieved another milestone as of this afternoon by reaching over 50,000 page views! 

For a blog that only recently reached a two year anniversary some of y'all probably aren't too impressed by that. Still, when you consider that it was just this past February that this blog achieved the 10,000 page view milestone, and the fact there have been over 40,000 page views in ten months alone, then it does sounds a bit more impressive for what is largely a photo journal blog. Southern Fried Common Sense is growing and spreading worldwide!

My thanks to all of y'all for finding any degree of fascination at the opinions, history tales, travel photos, and night sky photographs of a simple country writer from upstate South Carolina, USA. A special thanks to this blog's fans from the Ukraine and Russia -- both collectively among the highest viewership outside of the US, Canada, and Great Britain. "Duzhe dyakuyu!" and "Bahl'-shoh-yeh spah-see-bah!" respectively, my dear friends.

Well, now that I have gotten the shameless self-promotion out of the way -- for the moment -- let's move on to today's topic....and oh boy is this one going to be a roller coaster ride. So buckle in folks.

The topic of today's blog post tells the story about how yours truly -- The Man Deniers Fear The Most -- defended the honor of those men of color who served in the Confederate military and soundly defeated an ill-prepared SJW and Anti-Confederate heritage reactionary on that anonymous troll's very own blog. 

Black Confederate Denial -- The Lowest of the Low

Now before I get into the meat of this blog post, I need to offer some background on Black Confederate Denial.

In recent years, a small but somewhat vocal group of Social "Just-Us" Warriors/agenda-driven historians in the academic community have challenged the legitimacy of these Southern men of color based on little more than accusations as to the alleged "hidden motives" of groups like the SCV and UDC -- allegations that these people seem to have a hard time providing solid evidence for, or simply state as fact without bothering to try back their views up, a tactic anyone familiar with Leftist elitism and arrogance recognizes all too well. 

Black Confederate Denial itself is historical negationism largely built on a house of cards-type series of half-truths and strawman arguments. In many cases the methodology of these views also hold uncomfortable similarities with Holocaust Denial in the way these same agenda-based academics present their case against Black Southerners who served in the Confederate military.

In this case Deniers start their arguments by presenting a couple of true facts such as the historically true detail (admitted by this blogger) that the CSA did not formally enroll black Southerners into the Confederate army until March of 1865. Instead of dealing with these men as individuals on a case-by-case basis, the group-think mentality of Leftist identity politics comes largely into play here.

Another favorite argument of Black Confederate Deniers is to say that black men who preformed service jobs were not legally soldiers since most Black Confederates present in Confederate units were not formally enrolled as soldiers on the unit's muster rolls themselves. These Deniers also largely dismiss the service of free men of color in Confederate service ranks, focusing instead on those who were slaves and declaring their service invalid since slaves had "no free will" and therefore no choice.

This one is called the "slaves not soldiers" argument, in effect saying that these men were "non-people" in much the same way that a Leftists groups today regard non-white social conservatives as "race traitors" (though they don't use that particular term, mind you) and dehumanize them socially through a terrible form of internalized bigotry. It is insulting -- and dare I actually say: racist? -- to make the claim that even slaves had no minds of their own, even as members of what was then called the peculiar institution. 

Then again one has to also understand that when these people attack these black Confederate veterans and Southerners of color who supported Dixie, they are not so much just attacking people who have long since passed over the river; they are in fact attacking people of color living today who do not support the Denier's social or political paradigms. 

In evoking their denial of the often times heroic services of these long dead black Confederates, these Deniers are in point of fact projecting their own internalized bigotry of Southerners and Americans today who oppose their political and social constructs. Is it truly a coincidence that these same Deniers on their blogs in their "safe spaces" often spend more than just a good deal of time verbally attacking black Confederate heritage defenders and their families? 

Worse, those who follow these Deniers and support their work often comment on various comment sections, blog sites, and news stories largely to call them some of the most obscene terms like: toms (short for "Uncle Tom"), tokens, Oreos (don't ask), house n****rs (again their words, not mine!), cuckc***s (a take off of the term "cocoon"), Rebel tar-babies (a term that shocked me to hear coming from an alleged civil war historian's blog* -- I won't say which one, that individual deserves no hits on his page!), and a few other terms that turn my stomach to even think of bringing up. I just hope I got the point across that these are not good people who have largely forfeited the benefit of the doubt. 

* It should be noted that on this particular Denier historian's civil war blog that it was not the blogger himself who actually printed this foul term, but rather one of those responding to a blog post that went into details about "disproving" the service of a pair of black Southern men who served in the Confederate Army of Tennessee. The fact that this blogger let such an obscene term through and failed to call the person up on writing it -- not even a warning in the response to the comment -- is more than enough to condemn them though. Unlike my UNCENSORED blog, I know for a fact this particular blogger edits his comment section., so there can be no excuses.   

12-02-2016 UPDATE: Since the posting of this blog post, that self-same blogger finally FINALLY removed the comment! Guess someone realizes that I am calling them out on their bigotry huh?  

My friends, I truly apologize if I come off a bit ticked off in my descriptions of these people, but of all the anti-Confederate heritage reactionaries and regressive Leftist haters I have ever dealt with online or in person, Black Confederate Deniers are among the absolute lowest form of bottom feeders. 

Taking on and fighting back with words against this particular batch of bad guys is one of those "better than sex" pleasures that I have in fighting for the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name as an American Veteran. Taking this fight to them and largely prevailing over the last decade has also earned me that somewhat unofficial title among Southern heritage advocates: The Man Deniers Fear The Most. This comes from the fact that many of the Deniers I have faced down on this subject simply refused to debate me, have banned me from their blogs and message boards, or have even gone to extraordinary lengths to try -- and fail -- to discredit your favorite blogger. 

As you will see, the special snowflake that I am going to introduce to your tonight will prove to be no exception; either as a typical Black Confederate Deniers chained down by their flawed talking points, or by the ultimate outcome of debating yours truly -- namely said snowflakes failure and retreat. The fun part was that all of it happened after this basement-dwelling SJW Morlock personally challenged yours truly on its own blog.

The Article and the Morlock

About the middle of last month, on the evening of Saturday, November 12th of this year to be exact, I received a link to an article entitled: Marker Dedicated For Black Confederate

The following is the full article, which I want to share with everyone interested in the subject, complete with photos:

Marker dedicated for black Confederate

Published 8:35 pm Saturday, November 12, 2016

By Tracy Agnew
Confederate descendant and UDC member Miss Katherine Boone Hamilton speaking at the ceremony to unveil the new headstone dedicated to her great-uncle, Mr. Anthony Boone CSA Veteran, at Skeetertown Cemetery, near Suffolk, Virginia, USA.
(Photo courtesy of the Suffolk News-Herald)

More than 100 people of all skin tones gathered Saturday to honor a Confederate veteran who was receiving a headstone for the first time, more than 87 years after his death.
Anthony Boone enlisted in 1862 and served with the Peninsula Light Artillery. His service took him to Lamberts Point, Portsmouth, Towne Point, Suffolk, Richmond, Manassas and Gordonsville.
But unlike most people’s idea of a Confederate soldier, Boone was black — born free as a direct descendant of Joe Skeeter, the European land surveyor for whom the Skeetertown area was named.
“The decision to serve with the South baffled some,” said Katherine Boone Hamilton, the great-great-niece of Anthony Boone. Her great-grandfather, Jason Boone, Anthony’s brother, also served with the Confederacy.
Saturday’s ceremony took place at the Skeetertown Cemetery, established and cared for by the Missionary Lodge No. 1, which is still in existence today. The lodge members cared for the sick and buried the dead, Hamilton said, and you still have to be a lodge member to be buried there.
The cemetery is located on Pitt Road, off Skeetertown Road. Many of the graves bear the Boone name, and now there is one more stone with the Boone name added to the list. Joe Skeeter settled in Skeetertown, as it came to be known, in the 1700s. His daughter, Betsy Skeeter, had two interracial marriages, one to a free black, according to Hamilton.
Her daughter, in turn, also married a free black, John Boone. They were the parents of Anthony and Jason Boone, the Confederate soldiers. One brother, William, served in the war with the U.S. Colored Troops.
“It really was brother against brother, and it didn’t make any difference whether they were white or black,” said Frank Earnest, heritage defense coordinator for the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Earnest said the reason blacks in the South would have taken up arms against the North is simple.
“What is so different about the black Confederate soldier? Absolutely nothing,” he said. “They came together in defense of their native land.”
Hamilton began her quest nearly two decades ago, when she learned her great-grandfather served in the Confederacy. She contacted Lee Hart of the Tom Smith Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and he helped her obtain a gravestone for Jason Boone. That was in 1999.
Since then, she has also wanted to honor her great-great-uncle, Anthony Boone, for his service.
“He stayed until the end, when pay and food were scarce,” she said. Flags fluttered at the Skeetertown Cemetery Saturday as the new stone was unveiled, wreaths were placed, and Confederate re-enactors gave salutes with muskets and a cannon. More than a dozen members of the extended Boone family were present.
Opel Simmons III, the great-great-great-grandson of Jason Boone, said the idea of his family members serving in the Confederacy has taken some getting used to.
“It was a bit of reconciling history with modern-day feelings,” he said. While many are taught to put the Civil War in terms of black versus white, “They were defending what they knew to be their home,” he said.
Earl Ijames, curator of the North Carolina Museum of History, was guest speaker for the event. He said he has spent a lot of time researching “colored” Confederates — those of American Indian and mixed ancestry as well as blacks, he said — and educating people on their existence. He presented a longleaf pine to the group.
Hamilton, having seen her goal completed, said the ceremony was “wonderful.”
Mike Pullen, lieutenant commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, said the Boone brothers are part of the Confederate family.
“Anthony Boone is one of the many men who is part of all of our family,” he said.

Professor Earl Ijames, curator of the North Carolina Museum of History at the dedication to Black Confederate Pensioners in Monroe, NC in December 2012.
(Photo courtesy of Southern Fried Common Sense blog.)


Overall I found the article well-written and balanced in terms of how the subject of the Southern veteran and his family are presented. I wrote a reply in the comments section of the article offering my complements to Miss Agnew for her unbiased reporting of the facts of the story, as well as my profound respect to the members of the Virginia SCV for their efforts in seeing that another honored Confederate Veterans received a proper headstone and well deserved honors to his memory. 

Marker for Confederate Veteran Anthony Boone
unveiled by Mr. Phil Carr, SCV.
(Photo courtesy of the Suffolk News-Herald)

Naturally, I decided to write a thanks to the writer comment on the story's comment section. I also took the time to read the other comments. It was there that I encountered an anonymous little Morlock who called itself: Robert Lee (aka. Rblee24468, aka. DeStroy, aka. SkidMarc) who runs a somewhat odd and bipolar little propaganda site called: Restoring The Honor

For those unable to read it, the blog title reads: Restoring The Honor: Changing hearts and minds.
Yeah, this Morlock might REALLY wanna consider a different color and font that doesn't clash with the wallpaper.
*UPDATE 04-20-2017 -- The Morlock finally FINALLY changed its wallpaper to a more professional-looking background. Sadly, it failed to update and use more professional content on its blog site. Oh well, polish a turd....

The reason I use the name of the antagonists from the classic science fiction classic The Time Machine by H.G. Wells to describe the individual who runs that particular blog is because the term seems more than apt. Anonymous bloggers cannot be considered real people in terms of moral courage, nor sound character. Most of them are largely basement dwellers -- much like the fictional underground dwellers themselves -- who use the internet to build themselves up like real people, or at least as Social "Just Us" Warriors, which ranks a bit lower on the evolutionary scale.

In the case of this particular Morlock at Restoring The Honor, the game there is to find alleged links that connect Southern heritage supporters and the Confederate heritage defense movement with white supremacists and nationalists. 

Most of the alleged connections found at the site stem from dubious Leftist and white supremacist internet sources, heavily edited facebook posts (a personal favorite food of this particular SJW Morlock) and somehow connecting all of these things together with flawed, misdirecting interpretations designed to promote an unsavory social agenda and promote hatred of Southern heritage defenders. 

This blogger does not deny the fact that white supremacists and nationalists infiltrate the Confederate heritage movement and attempt to steer people frustrated with the destruction of Confederate heritage and its symbols towards their way of "thinking" (for want of a better term). This is something that I speak out strongly against -- and have done far more than just speak on occasion, and does continue to be a low-level problem. I would however stress the point that honorable Confederate heritage supporters and organizations, for the most part, do a wonderful job of speaking out against and ultimately turning aside the hate-filled messages of these enemies of God and human decency. 

Though if you manage to lower yourself to the child-like mentality of the common Leftist SJW, and spend more time at Restoring The Honor than average, you might come away with a far different -- and largely mind-numbed -- worldview. 

Fortunately for the sake of common sense, the Morlock's blog doesn't seem to have a particularly large audience. Those few claims to the site being a credible source of information come from other sites run by (yep you guessed it) anonymous SJW bloggers, all of whom are themselves more than a little dubious in the first place. 

This blog also does a small but I believe meaningful part in pointing out the obvious flaws in SJW and Denier logic when it comes to Confederate heritage defense. This is just one of the services that your humble blogger fells honor bound to provide. 

As you are about to see, I did much more than simply point out the flaws with the Morlock and his response to this page....I shined the light of truth in its face and completely owned this basement dweller. 

The Debate Begins

Unable to deal with the reality that Confederate heritage advocates and the living descendants of Mr. Boone met together to honor the service and humanity of this Black Confederate Veteran, the mentally-challenged Morlock came out from the shadows of the internet to offer the usual Black Confederate Denial arguments. The Morlock not only attacked the facts of the story, but mocked the author's work as "shoddy journalism" and Mr. Earnest a flat out liar. 

That alone would have been more than enough to earn a stern reply from me, but then, wouldn't you know it folks, the Morlock brought MY name into it, siting a response that I offered giving a fair warning about the dangers of opening documents from dubious sources. 

I do admit, I might have phrases my wording better, and did correct myself later on clarifying my concerns. Still, the Morlock seized on that and contended that my "attack" was one of desperation and quote: "bold-faced lie". The Morlock never actually addressed the point I brought up that his documents don't in any way disprove his service as a Confederate Veteran, but then again I never expected him to actually do so. 

The following screen shots document the Morlock's little personal attack and attempted smear campaign on yours truly:

(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)

(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)

(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
Again how exactly do those records prove Mr. Boone wasn't a Confederate Veteran?
Oh and of course, the Morlock fails to point out my citation to this following.
Can we say "selective editing?"

(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
Actually, I've always heard it said "bald-faced" not "bold-faced" lie.
As I understand it, there is a really good debate on the proper terminology, and
MentalFloss.com actually came up with a really good article on the subject HERE.

(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)

To quote Bugs Bunny: "Of course you know, this means war!"(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)

Here folks is where irony kicks in. 

Since I don't usually waste my time reading Denier hate pages, I would never have actually known -- nor really cared -- that the Morlock sought to impugn my sense of honor and integrity. Luckily someone who takes the time to infiltrate hate pages and keep up-to-date on certain people sent me a link and told me what was posted.  

Naturally when I read the last part, I couldn't help but accept the challenge the Morlock threw down. 

The following is the exchange, in full: 

(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)
(Courtesy Restoring The Honor hate blog)

With that the debate seemed to come to a substantive end, since no response was made by either the Morlock, nor his only real fan, Mr. Meyer.  

Now, being a man of honor, I gave the anonymous basement dwelling Morlock the chance to come back with something -- anything -- to irrefutably prove its point. That is why I waited exactly one month to the day of the last blog post on that site to see if anything of substance would appear from the alleged learned mind of this regressive Denier blogger. 


As of December 16th, that last post written by yours truly was indeed the very last post! Just like the fictional Morlocks from H.G. Wells' classic novel, the SJW Morlock fled in terror once it was shown the light of truth.

With that, your blogger proves why I am known among Confederate heritage defenders as The Man Deniers Fear The Most. I speak up for those who cannot -- namely the Confederate dead. In this case it was an honor for me to defend both the service of United Confederate Veteran Mr. Anthony Boone and his proud descendants who honor his service to Dixie against those attempting to deny both that service, and with it the dignity and pride his descendants feel for him. 

I did not score this huge victory over this Morlock and his white knight, Mr. Meyer all alone. I would also like to extend a personal thanks to Miss Connie Chastain for helping in the moral defense of Mr. Boone's good name, and the service and dignity of all those who wore the hallowed gray of the Southland's defender. Connie also happens to have a pretty excellent blog called Backsass, the link to which can be found in this blogger's favorite links list to the right of this page. 

Well folks, thank you once again for reading and until next time, have a wonderful Dixie Day, y'all!

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