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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Smells Like Southern Heritage LOL!

It was 25 years ago today on September 24, 1991 that the album Nevermind by the band Nirvana was released. It was widely popular and one of the favorites of this blogger's teenage years. 

One of my favorites from the album was the song: Smells Like Teen Spirit - indeed it is among the best songs and music videos ever recorded according to a number of polls. Another favorite was the hilarious parody of the same song: Smells Like Nirvana by the legendary parody song writer Mr. "Weird Al" Yankovic, as well as a parody of the cover of the album itself.

The famous cover of the baby swimming in the pool reaching for a dollar floating in front of him has been recreated over the years in parody by many people. Recently the baby swimming from the original cover - now an adult - recreated the cover online in honor of the album.

Knowing of my love for parodies and funny memes - as well as my ability to laugh at myself and self-parody - a friend of mine known only by the name "The Anonymous America" did a rather interesting meme from one of my facebook photos a few months back in honor of the anniversary of the famous album cover for Nevermind

LOL I know my blog is UNCENSORED, but....yeah. (Ha ha!)

LOL thanks for that little touch of humor "Anonymous American" and - on a more serious note - my thanks to the memory of the legendary Mr. Kurt Cobain (RIP) and the other members of Nirvana for 25 years of excellence through the gift of music. Your outstanding album was one of the high points of the latter half of my teenage years and I still have the CD in my collection of favorites. 

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