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Saturday, September 24, 2016

2016 Piedmont Pottery Festival At Historic Brattonsville

On Saturday, September 24th I took a trip north on SC 321 to York County to once again visit Historic Brattonsville and attend the annual Piedmont Pottery Festival

The Piedmont Pottery Festival is an outstanding collection of pottery and clay work from artists across the Carolinas. Every year some of the best local potters in the region attend this annual event at Historic Brattonsville. Every year there are some truly amazing pieces on display and for purchase - though if you plan to buy anything better bring plenty of money. Collecting these is an expensive hobby.

Several of the living history re-enactors at Brattonsville were on hand for the event.

Beautifully made Catawba Pottery was on full display courtesy of local potters Mr. Eric and Jared Canty from Rock Hill, SC. 

Mr. Canty explained how the ancient art of making this Catawba pottery goes back over 4,000 years. The clay for the pottery comes from the tribe's ancient clay holes along the Catawba River and prepared and sculpted using time-honored traditions passed down for millennia. Truly outstanding work. 

Also on hand - or in this case on foot - was Miss Sue Helmken, the Barefoot Weaver with a marvelous assortment of her work.

Yep, she IS actually barefoot folks.
A very remarkable lady, and her weaving work is absolutely beautiful.

I absolutely loved this turtle! The details and colors are outstanding!
Truly among my top favorite pieces at the festival.
Here are some small but beautifully detailed pieces on display.
These were definitely among my favorite pieces!

Miss Christine White of Rock Hill, SC displayed some really beautifully detailed design work that I truly enjoyed. 

Mr. Stephen Harrison of Hendersonville, NC working on a new art piece.

Some absolutely outstanding work by Mr. John H. Post of Hog Hill Pottery, Vale, NC.  

Mr. Jeff Neal of Middleton Place, Charleston, SC
demonstrating pottery making.

More outstanding handmade Catawba Indian Pottery by Miss Cora Harris of Fort Lawn, South Carolina. 

Loving the name!

I had an awesome time admiring the work of these outstanding artists and their pottery. The details put into each individual piece truly show the dedication of each potter and their love for the craft. The history and heritage behind the pottery making - especially the Catawba pottery work displayed - is truly marvelous to learn about. Watching the work done was also a real pleasure.

I truly hope y'all enjoyed my little photo presentation of the event. Please leave a review and let me know what y'all thought. 

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