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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Never Forget July 10th! End The Hate!

Our love for our Southern flag and the true living cultural heritage it stands for will never be destroyed or misappropriated by racists and cultural regressives so long as we continue to fight on with honor. 


  1. The haters who kill cops and their blm enablers are on the anti-Confederate team as well. And just so you know “All Lives Matter” is branded ignorant and racist by the PC fascists.

    Up here in the spring in of 2015 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus a graffiti wall had “Black Lives Matter” on it. Somebody put a red ‘x’ on each word ‘black’ and added the word ‘All’. The school and the PC fascists had an absolute fit over such an overtly “racist” act.

    The ‘regressives’ are actually the PC Progressives... Progressive Democrats, Progressive Republicans like Haley, Progressive media and the Progressive Public. And all those fascist, PC Progressives as a collective are the updated version of WWII Nazi Germany.

    White supremacists are the Fourth Reich and the black lives matter Black supremacists are the Fifth Reich.

    It’s like Hitler must have made some sort of Twilight Zone deal with the devil back in that bunker before he offed himself.

  2. You may just be off doing one of the million things that interest you C.W. or working on your next blog post. However there’s another possibility for your recent blogging slowdown that I’ve seen before. (plus, this comment could be more for my benefit than yours.)

    In times when the world is so nuts Police are assassinated and many innocents killed almost every day it can seem like “ordinary” bloggings are too unimportant to matter much. That is an illusion. The reality is those simple every day, non-violent things actually rise in importance.

    For online warriors it’s a form of rest and relaxation, for others a chance to escape the real world but preserving those ordinary things of life are ultimately what the battle against the PC Nazis is all about. Those ordinary things need to be with us always. More so at times like these.

    Now Mr. Roden, we all know that you aren’t coming out of that English phone booth dressed like Superman or Dr. Who. You’re gonna look like a Karate Kid Confederate Jedi. A Jedi black belt martial arts outfit, Confederate Flag Ninja headband and a Civil War style light sabre.

    The Southern Rebel force is strong with you C.W. so ya might as well just accept it. You’re having a young Skywalker moment where it seems there’s little you can do. So this is my Han Solo ‘the force is with you/ you’re good in a fight/post something that your Rebel intuition tells you to.’ speech.

    Of course, given that I’m blasting my way in on a Cape Cod online battlefront a la Solo I might just be giving myself a backup in case my imaginary Wookie can’t save me from myself.

    In a pinch, you and Susan Hathaway can do the Star Wars rescue thing.

  3. An Urban Dictionary definition

    Hate Speech: A word-tool used by Politically Correct Liberals to deny their opposition the freedom of speech.

    PC woman: “Do you three gentlemen have any opinions on the 2016 Presidential campaign?”
    Moe: “Bernie Sanders says some interesting things.”
    PC woman: “Why you racist, sexist fool... {SLAP}. How dare you denounce Hillary Clinton with your ignorant hate speech!”

    Larry: “The US has fallen behind in some stuff. Maybe we should try to be great again?”
    PC woman: “Why you racist, anti-Semitic, Nazi fool... {SLAP}. How dare you deny the holocaust of Bernie Sander’s people with your ignorant, sexist hate speech!”

    Curly: “I only vote for candidates with a vagina.”
    PC woman: “Finally... a man who understands the important issues in this election. Hey baldie... you’re kinda cute. I’m heading up some protests to disrupt campaign rallies so our opposition never gets a chance to speak or be heard. Care to join me and my PC friends shut down the hate speech?”
    Curly: “Soitenly! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.”