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Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Blogger's Response To A White Supremacist Troll

*This blog post contains language that includes obscenities, racist and homophobic rhetoric which does not represent the opinions of the blogger, or advocates of Southern-Confederate historical heritage and its moral defense. The response to said rhetoric however does. You've been warned. 

This morning, I received a comment post for one of this blog's posts about the defense of the Confederate flag. 

The post came from a person that I've encountered on other sites before. An admitted white supremacist from Illinois who enjoys being an internet troll on various web pages. 

This individual responded to a post and a link to this blog that I added to a news story. Even though this is an uncensored blog, I choose not to post this person's comments on the page. 

Instead, I decided that this would be a good learning opportunity for everyone reading this blog post. An object lesson in the differences between those who respect the flag of the South and Confederate heritage, and those who dishonor that flag and heritage to advance their own obscene agenda of alleged racial supremacy. 

Before I show the post I would like to first apologize to anyone who is about to read this obscene filth. I would also advise anyone easily offended not to go further, even though I feel it important for everyone to see just what sort of mentality the defenders of Confederate heritage are dealing with and truly fighting against. 

I censored out the racist and homophobic language (ironic given that this is an uncensored blog) however the foul language is not unedited - and there is more than a fair share of it. All of the misspellings and poor punctuation also belong to the post's author, who apparently doesn't know how to use spellcheck. 

Can you believe that the troll even misspelled the n-word? Well he misspelled a number of other things too, but then again the message seemed like a rush job.

Okay then, here is the message post from the individual who calls himself "whiteknightfromillinois88" and this blogger's responses to the comments in the post. I even included visual aids in a couple of responses for this person.


Dear n**** loving rainbow confedrate dumb fuck, 

Hey yourself you ignorant peckerwood prick. By the way, you misspelled the word "Confederate" not once but all through this post. Maybe try spellcheck sometime?

I found your stupid bitch blog online and your post about the Klan rally down in columbia back in July after your sand n**** bitch governor pulled the flag down. Also saw what you said about the Aryan brothers and sisters who were there. 

Well I am glad you know how to use google or yahoo search, puts my opinion of your intelligence up from about 50 IQ points. As for what I wrote about your "Aryan brothers and sisters" I hope you know that I meant every single word of it.

And I saw your dumbfuck post about Dylann Roof and all the photos of you flag fuckers with all those n***** and wet****s. 

Yes, those were awesome photos of fellow Southerners standing with their real brothers and sisters defending our shared and true  Confederate historical heritage. Should be of note that all of those photos were taken after your narrow-minded buddies invaded my State (apparently they couldn't find even a few home grown morons to join them) and run your pieholes mindlessly. 
I also meant what I said about that little monster Roof also and his failure to divide the Southern people.

Do you really think people who hate that flag are impressed by a bunch of house n****s and wet****s joining your little flag rallies you dumb fuck? Or by the pictures of little subhuman m*d b***es standing with white women and men holding that flag? Makes me sick!

To start with posting those photos has nothing whatsoever to do with impressing anyone, least of all those who actively hate, or misuse the Dixie Cross banner. 
As far as the ugly, hateful, and obscenely disgusting comments about those people, let me tell you what makes me sick. People like you who show so much hate and contempt for other Southerners who don't share your skin pigmentation. Believe me when I tell you that the flag those Southern children and adults are holding in those photos belong in their more worthy hands than it does in the hands of racist white trash like you and Roof. 
To me anyone who calls a child what you did, denying the humanity of that person, is nothing more than human filth (and the human part is questionable).  

I also saw on your page that you go on about jew holidays like a fucking z***ist puppet. Bet you a jew yourself aint you dumb rainbow fuck. Probably a f*g too? 

No I am not Jewish, though I do have a great deal of respect for the Jewish people and their faith...especially those Jewish men (both Christian and Orthodox) who wore the hallowed Confederate gray and butternut and fought under the glorious battle flag of Dixie. 

You go on and on about how a bunch of meet-eat-and-retreat race traitor fucks like the Sons of the confedracy

Uh...I think you mean the Sons of Confederate Veterans don't you, moron?

made resolutions against the REAL defenders of the white race.

I don't even consider that one worth commenting on. 

Go on and on about black confedrates and jews and other dirt people who you say fought in the confedrate army. 

Humm, I don't seem to recall writing much about Confederates of color, though I do support them and every other man and boy who wore the hallowed gray and butternut. 

THATS FUCKING BULLSHIT! No n**** or k*** or wet**** ever fought with white men. 

I can site close to a hundred examples to the contrary, but I get the sense you didn't come here to learn anything.

The south wouldnt let them. Even historians get that one right. 

Oh wow, I could go on and on for hours about a few of those so-called "historians" (or rather bloggers) but I won't. Still it is pretty interesting to me that you bring them up. Certainly confirms something I've suspected for a long time now.

All you assholes is doing is pushing this pc crap to somehow make the Stars an Bars some kind of rainbow symbol like the f***t rainbow flag. Thats why we call you stupid fucks rainbow confedrates. Dumb fucks! 

LMAO! First of all, the flag in question is not the "Stars and Bars" that would be this flag...

not this flag...

Second, pointing out the historic truth that non-white Southerners fought under the battle flags of the Confederacy has nothing to do with advancing any politically correct, or "neo-Confederate" agenda. Must really make you sick that one of the flags racist trash like you co-opt to somehow legitimize your continued sorry existence was carried in war by non-white hands, and that non-whites today carry it too. As much as that drives Liberals and PC reactionaries crazy, it must completely BURN your sorry, sheet-wearing ass. 

Their ancestors were nothing but ditch diggers who aint real soldiers. They were just pack mules to carry stuff for white men same as the n****s who fought for the north. 

Okay, you want to insult me, go ahead. I can take the hits. But when you mock those men, those soldiers, who served to defend their homes and families; the men who fought in either gray and butternut, or Union blue, in service to what they believe it - then you go too far. I don't put up with that from the bloggers I mentioned earlier, and I certainly won't put up with that from a piece of trash like you either.
I've cleaned the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers, as well as the graves of black men who served on both sides; and I was proud to do it. Still am pal. I am also proud to know the descendants of some of those same men in the graves. I am also proud to stand with those people in the defense of our shared Confederate historical heritage. 

Those pictures with white confedrate men after the war are photoshop bullshit and you know it.  

Uh, nope. Sorry, you're wrong there. Even those who deny the service of those men as soldiers do not dispute the authenticity of those photographs. You lose again, moron.

Yeah, bet seeing these real Southern men - these Confederate Veterans - standing together with this flag put a dent in your narrow worldview, huh? It was always their flag. It belongs to their descendants too...ALL their descendants and all those Southern people who truly honor that heritage. 
You may use it - or misuse it - as a trivial prop if you want, but know that to the people who matter, you have no real credibility with it.
Thankfully more and more people are coming to that realization, in spite of recent setbacks -- indeed, in many cases, because of them.  

Let me tell you something you dumb fuck. 

Like you can offer me anything relevant, but go ahead.
Race traitor rainbow confedrate fucks like you and the Sons of the confedracy are going to be the first ones that get put in a fucking ditch right next to your n**** and k*** buddies. 

Wow, that sounds like a threat. Not a very smart thing to do online, especially in light of recent gun violence events. Lucky for you I take you about as seriously as I do any other internet troll. 

That n**** from mississippi that got killed by his own people was a funny one. Watching you rainbow fucks pretend to care for that uncle tom house n**** bitch made me ROFL. 

That person you mock and call that hateful term was Mr. Anthony Hervey, a Southern brother in Christ, and a fellow defender of the heritage people like you dishonor. He was more a brother to me that anyone like you could ever be. The people in those photos honoring him and carrying those flags would also agree with me. To them, he was a Son of Dixie and a fellow Confederate descendant. The respect they showed for him was very much real. A man like Mr. Hervey is worth a thousand of your "Aryan brothers" you little troll!

You can forget your damn flag. It belongs to us real white folks now and we going to wave it over your grave when we take this country back. You and your rainbow confedrate fuckbuddies too you f****t bitch. The fucking left and your sand n***** governor gave it over to us back in July. I just wish i couldof been there to stand with my Aryan brothers and sisters that great day.

Yeah well we shall see about that one pal. Your kind haven't won anything yet. In fact, I think you're kind are on the decline. That's why those photos and the truth about Confederates of color frighten you so much. Anything that takes fear away from people you seek to intimidate is enough to drive you to hysterics, isn't it pal? It makes you sick that there are non-white Southerners who take pride in their identity as Southerners and Confederate descendants. 
You and your "Aryan brothers and sisters" can no longer fly that flag without good people speaking out against such misuse. Your credibility with that flag is dying.  I think even the political Left knows that too for all of their denial. That flag and those who truly honor that living Southern symbol and ALL the men who fought under it will move forward. I for one could not be happier.   

N*****  and k**** and wet****** aint southerners and wont ever be! 

Coming from a guy who calls himself a "white knight from Illinois" that's a pretty stupid comment. You are far from qualified to say who should be considered a Southerner or not. 

Just keep posting your rainbow confedrate bullshit. Nobody is buying it and all the monuments will come down with the flags. You better figure our who the enemy really is but I think you too stupid to do that. 

That's far from a accurate conclusion. The current drive to get rid of Confederate monuments is waning and has been for the last month or so. Not all of the attacks have been successful - and there is the counter offensive coming next year. Trust me when I say that your conclusions are far from accurate. 
Also, I know exactly who the real enemy is. The enemy is ignorance. It's stereotyping. It's prejudice. It's arrogance. It's mentalities that seek to divide the Southern people. And those are not limited to any one group on either the right or the left. 
I am proud to say that I the sort of mentality you represent is the kind I LIVE to stand against. That flag is not truly yours and as long as there are people like me willing to stand up and speak out, it never will be. 

N**** loving rainbow fuckers like you deserve to get aids and die! Have fun with your dumbfuck blog dumbfuck. White Power!!!


Oh I always have fun with this blog. I have even more fun when I shoot down and chew up mental defectives like you. You can take your "white power" and stick it, pal.


Thankfully folks, this post is coming to an end because this blogger really feels like a long shower now. I want you to know I made my best effort to control my emotions and keep from using profanities of my own in response to that person's ignorant and sick comments.

I hope that nobody was too offended by the words written by that hateful, angry person. I posted it to demonstrate the huge gaping difference between people who promote backward-thinking racial supremacist ideology and those descendants of Confederate soldiers - no matter who they were - who honor true Southern-Confederate historical heritage as it exists today. 

As one of those proud descendants of a Confederate soldier who fought and died in defense of his Southern homeland in the War Between the States, I will continue to stand up for all those who honor that heritage no matter the color of their skin, no matter the way they worship God, and no matter if they even live in America or otherwise. 

If you defend that heritage with honor, I will proudly stand with you side by side as a brother in Christ, and a Son of Dixie.

If you dishonor that heritage or its symbols, I will just as proudly stand against you and between you and those you seek to intimidate and bully. 

That's for the record. So help me God.  

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