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Sunday, April 2, 2017

War on the Homefront Event At Historic Brattonsville

Event poster advertising the War On The Homefront 1864 at Historic Brattonsville.

On Saturday, April 1st, my travels once again took me to beautiful Historic Brattonsville in McConnells, South Carolina.  

Some friends of mine were on site putting on a demonstration honoring the Confederate home guard and reserve units who served in the later half of the War Between The States (1861 - 1865). 

These home guard reservists were usually made up of older men and wounded soldiers who could no longer serve on the front line, but were able to continue serving their State government locally as militia and police. 

The re-enactors portraying members of Company D, 3rd Battalion SC Senior Reserves set up camp at the Smith House, located behind the large Bratton Plantation House. The old circa 1820s log house and the wooded surroundings served as an outstanding backdrop for the living history demonstration.

These are the photos I took of the living history presentation. My friends did an outstanding job as always.  

Mr. John T. Misskelley showing off a War period Enfield rifled musket
with attached bayonet.
Mr. Jimmy Owens sitting in front of the fire brewing coffee....a
rare luxury for Confederate soldiers in late 1864.
Mr. Bill Stephens posing in full circa 1864 Confederate infantry uniform.
Mr. Donny Raborn danging an Irish Jig....I think.
Shana "Rebel Luke" Hass portraying a female in uniform.
A number of women fought on both sides during the War Between The States
cutting their hair short and passing themselves as men in order to enlist
and fight.

"Ready! Aim!"
(Sorry folks, didn't catch the flashes...again.)

Well, I hope y'all enjoyed my photographs and this blog post. I plan to return to Historic Brattonsville again on May 20th for their Revolutionary War in the Carolinas program, detailing the events in upstate South Carolina in 1780-1781. 

Until then, have a good Dixie day, y'all! 

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