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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Common Sense Response To Reactionary Rock Hill Mayor's Stance on SC SCV Convention -- No Room For Regression

Well it is March and the South Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion 2017 is just two weekends away. 

As a member of the SC SCV, I am looking forward to attending, especially since this year's convention is in my backyard -- or rather about 20 miles from it.

If y'all recall, last October when the venue for the convention was announced it would be held in the City of Rock Hill, SC a local anti-Confederate heritage reactionary/newspaper writer took it upon himself to start trouble over the display of the Confederate battle flag (Dixie Cross) at the event.

Undaunted, the South Carolina Division SCV -- especially the host camp, my friends and compatriots of the Brigadier General Micah Jenkins Camp #1569 -- who made the right call and took a moral stand against the efforts to censor the display of the living symbol of Confederate historical heritage and Southern identity by the forces of reactions and politically correct fascism. The convention is still on, and yes folks, the flag will be present. PERIOD!

So, with the convention weekend eminent, the Leftist Mayor of Rock Hill, the Dishonorable Mr. Doug Echols, wrote a rather lengthy bit of tiresome virtue signaling -- oops! I mean "opinion piece" in the Rock Hill Herald newspaper. The original post from the Rock Hill Herald on February 28th can be seen HERE.

Once again, your favorite blogger will offer a point-by-point rebuttal, with my responses being in red. Please enjoy!

Mayor: Rock Hill must reinforce inclusiveness, 'speak out for what is right' must promote a pro-white supremacist stance on an honored Southern banner for the sake of appeasing the lowest common denominator
(Yeah I thought I'd offer a little correction there to reflect the actual truth of the situation.)

Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/opinion/article135561798.html?fb_action_ids=10155191516399274&fb_action_types=og.comments#storylink=cpy

With a great deal of divisive discussion in our country, state and community, I believe it’s important for us to pause and reflect on why we should reinforce and embrace inclusiveness as a part of our core values. While we have made much progress in this regard, we still have much to do individually and collectively.
Let the virtue signaling begin. Sir, I believe the reason there is so much "divisive discussion" would be because one side of the "discussion" tries to silence opposing viewpoints with toxic labels and rhetoric. You may disagree, but I am certain it won't be the only thing we disagree on.  
The city of Rock Hill and its citizens have stepped forward in admitting some of the mistakes of the past in order to set the tone for a more hopeful and promising future for our citizens, young and old. Continuing to ask the No.1 question – “Is It Good for the Children?” – is a part of that ongoing process for all ages.
Ugh, deliver me, oh Lord from the "do it for the children" guilt trip BS. 
Each January our community comes together to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. A life built on justice for all people regardless of color. This is not a holiday solely for African Americans but an American holiday for all. Yeah case in point I did the same thing here on my blog too, because I also happen support equality for all. So what is your point? One that is set aside for all people to honor justice and human rights. Again something I support, though I believe that you mean the Left's version of those terms -- which news flash: Leftist ideology DOES NOT OWN! It also provides an opportunity to reaffirm Rock Hill and our community slogan as a place where there is “No Room for Racism.”And here folks is where the virtue signaling horseshit really begins. 

In 2008 we were fortunate to have civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis at the MLK Breakfast, and we were given a chance to apologize to him for being beaten in a Rock Hill bus station as a Freedom Rider in 1961. To have this opportunity was a great moment for our city.
Um, how exactly did "we" apologize to him for being beaten up in 1961? I mean, did the actual people who beat him up apologize -- which they certain should have -- or did a bunch of local "guilt-ridden" white SJW regressive dweebs decide to collectively apologize on behalf of the City of Rock Hill? 
This led to a Rock Hill citizen, the late Elwin Wilson, asking for forgiveness on national television for having been the one who delivered the blows to Lewis. This was a wonderful and permanent example of acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and reconciliation. Ah okay, that is good. That was the right thing and certainly speaks volumes about Mr. Wilson's growth as a human being to recognize his wrongs and acknowledge his need to ask forgiveness. It also answers one of my questions from the previous paragraph. 

In January 2015 our community again righted a wrong when the convictions of the Friendship Nine were legally vacated. Most recently the Freedom Walkway opened along Main Street and declares the message, “liberty and justice for all.”  So far so good....

These actions help to speak to who we are as a community and acknowledges our core values of inclusiveness and justice. Another example was when our state said enough is enough in regard to the display of the Confederate flag on public grounds and spaces after the killings at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, where the flag was once again vividly used as a symbol of hate. And right there you show what a virtue-signaling fool you are, sir. From all the evidence produced about the Charleston shooting there is no evidence that a Dixie Cross banner was used by the shooter during the incident itself, nor any mention of it, or Confederate historical heritage in the shooter's published manifesto, despite a couple of photos with said shooter holding a battle flag. Also the State of South Carolina is NOT the government in Columbia, it is the people themselves, and they certainly did not sign on to support a pro-white supremacist regressive viewpoint. This dictated a bold move by our governor and legislators to move the flag from our statehouse grounds. Again not the people of South Carolina themselves who overwhelming reject the misuse of the flag by racists and those who would hand it over to them....like Governor Haley and those Legislators who supported the removal. 

I believe this demonstrated the heart and soul of the vast majority of South Carolinians. See my previous statements. Citizens may continue to choose to do as they please on private property; however, public property is a different matter. Spare me that particular lie. There is overwhelming evidence from a simple google search that proves the display of the flag on private property is also under constant attack. 

Recently the newly renovated York County Courthouse has attracted attention because of the (illegal) removal of the Confederate flag from the courtroom. The courtroom is a sacred place where justice for all is demonstrated and must prevail on a daily basis. Yet we still have those who overlook the divisiveness of this negative symbol and that part of history, actually we recognize it, but can see past it to the whole picture of that flag's history rather than just the few negatives reflected by the flag, in your opinion of a time that represented exclusion, separation and unacceptable treatment of a part of humanity. Most of which happened for a far longer time legally under the banner of the United State of America. Hardly a statement for inclusion, acceptance, reconciliation and justice. Neither is falsely labeling people who disagree with you as racist, or accept the same view of the flag that actual racist share, you nimrod!

With the upcoming South Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans convention at York Technical College, I believe it is once again time for our community to speak out for what is right. So far buddy, we haven't exactly established that you know your asshole from a hole in the wall, much less that you can tell what the right thing is. While I understand the legal position of York Tech once space has been leased, I am personally supportive of the position of those who protest this event being held on state property. And promoting disharmony in the name of racial "just-us" politics....nice job Mr Mayor. (sarcasm in case you missed it)
It is unfortunate that the Sons of Confederate Veterans choose to hold their convention here in our city on public property and force the issue of this divisive symbol once again into our lives. Uh, it wasn't an issue until Andy "Shitstain" Dys made it one, and besides the SC SCV holds its annual convention in public property sites every year in different parts of the State. These events we now consider are not issues of race. Yet you are siding with those who are trying to make it one. This particular symbol is unique in that it reflects back to a very dark time in our history, and as Americans it is time we must continue toward a better day.
This matter does not represent the best of who we are as a city, and I stand alongside persons of any color or ethnicity from any region who cherish the words “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” LOL you mean from the same Pledge of Allegiance that opens every SCV meeting? From SCV members -- including yours truly -- who actually served in this nation's armed forces? I think you might wanna double-check your last statement there....oh wait, what's the point? You've already made a total jackass of yourself. Nice job. 

Well folks, there you have it. Once again The Man Deniers Fear The Most takes on and takes apart the arguments of a know-nothing snowflake. 

If you've enjoyed my rebuttal please feel free to post a comment below and let me know. Have a great Dixie Day, y'all!  

Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/opinion/article135561798.html?fb_action_ids=10155191516399274&fb_action_types=og.comments#storylink=cpy

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