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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sorry White Nationalists, Not Your Confederate Heritage

Richard Spencer, the racial conspiracy theory spouting jackass who led white nationalists and white supremacists in a torchlight march across the University of Virginia campus that touched off a weekend of deadly clashes between his group of mind-numbed robots and that other group of assorted human trashed called antifa, returned Saturday night (Oct. 7th) under the cover of darkness to Charlottesville, Virginia with around 40 of his cronies.

The group carried their tiki torches and then gathered at the base of the currently black tarp-covered Lee statue in a planned flash mob and began spouting off their garbage slogans like: (as always my rebuttal is in Confederate Red)

"Jews will not divide us!" 
For all of your tin-foil hat theories about worldwide Jewish conspiracies I have never found myself or anyone else oppressed by the nation of Israel, a country that literally fights for its very existence constantly. Also my Lord and Savior was a Jewish carpenter too dudes, and if y'all actually gave more than lip service to Christian faith, y'all would get that.

“You will not erase us.”
No comment here.

“We are about our heritage. Not just us Virginians. Not just as Southerners. But as white people . . . we’ll take a stand."
You are aware that Western culture and heritage -- which Southern heritage as a whole includes -- also includes the efforts of people of color too, right?

“You’ll have to get used to us."
Uh, no I don't. After I provide my overall opinion, I plan to dismiss your dumbasses and move on with my life.

“We’re going to come back again and again and again.”  
Like a bad case of the clap no doubt.

“The South will rise again. Russia is our friend. The South will rise again. Woo-hoo! Wooo.”
Okay, now you guys are just trolling. 

The Alt-Right Neo-fascist bigots promised to keep returning to Charlottesville, which they argued had become symbolic of their right to speak and also had come to symbolize the tearing down of symbols of the nation’s history.

Then chickenshit cowards stayed all of 15 minutes then departed again under the cover of darkness. They also managed to attract around an equal number of regressive Leftist activists from the nearby University of Virginia, whom as usual provided nothing useful to a situation that was already ugly. 

There are photos of this event, but this blogger will not provide them on this site out of principle. I have already provided Mr. Sphincter -- I mean Spencer -- and his ilk enough undeserved attention.

Now time for the Man Deniers Fear The Most to offer a well-needed and deserved rebuttal to this Confederate heritage violation, and yes folks, this is a heritage violation. A naked attempt by white nationalism to co-opt the battle against those who seek to destroy the visible symbols of Southern-Confederate cultural heritage and identity to further their own twisted gains. 

People like Mr. Sphincter -- hey, since I re-read it, I think that works better -- believe that Anglo-Celtic and Nordic-Aryan people  (white people for the layman) are going extinct through a rather bizarre conspiracy theory called "white genocide" with the wildest claim being that white Americans will be racially extinct by the year 2050, or so. 

Now how they actually define "white people" also appears to vary. Some of them see only skin color as a factor, others point to racial genetics. The fact that there are very few genetically "pure" people in the world as a whole relatively and that all Western and Northern European peoples are themselves ultimately descended from people of color in the distance past is completely lost on these Nazi fetish-loving twits. 

Granted the dismantling and bastardization of Western cultural values in America is a disturbing problem, but not one that will be corrected through the further segregation and division of the American people; something that both white nationalists and regressive Leftists share responsibility for -- particularly the Left, make no mistake there. 

These Alt-Right white nationalists promote their own form of cultural fascism to America no different from those promoted by third wave regressive Alt-Left Leftists in principle, even if the goals of both extremes differ fundamentally in ideology. The extremes of both groups promote offensive violence to advance their sordid agendas, using roughly the same justification of self-defense and preservation. The end results of which can be seen from Berkley to Charlottesville. And make no mistake my friends, it will only get worse. 

Now, the white nationalists are using the Left's intensified war against Southern-Confederate heritage as the new springboard for the advancement of their disgustingly divisive rhetoric. 

Well, that isn't entirely new. They have been doing that since the beginning of the fight against Cultural Marxism, attempting to latch onto the defense of Confederate symbols and make in-roads with honorable Confederate heritage defenders. 

Groups like the League of the South, which seemingly started out as another heritage defense and preservation group -- though one that promoted cultural segregation and separation through Southern Nationalism, which this blogger has often spoken out against in the past -- has now openly shown it's true colors in the last few years. 

Many good and honorable people who only desired to defend symbols like the Dixie Cross banner and the monuments to our Confederate dead, and to promote the positive aspects of our shared Southern heritage, were fooled by the League with their unique brand of Southern identity politics. Some of them people I know and have worked hard over the years to bring away from the sphere of that organization. Thankfully most of them did once the group openly supported white nationalists and their ideals. 

Take it from me, when one has been labeled a "racist" for no better reason that gathering to remember dead soldiers and put flags on graves for nearly two decades, any silver-tongued group that promotes strong cultural pride in their policies can be very tempting. As tempting as the fruit from the Tree, but ultimately just as damning. 

In truth, white nationalists do not like true Confederate heritage defenders, or Southern-Confederate heritage in its proper modern form any better than Alt-Left Regressives do. In fact, they despise it and Southern people who honor it all the more. 

They regard white Southerners who defend it as "race traitors" (or as they prefer in recent years: "Rainbow Confederates") and our fellow Southerners of color in terms so ugly this blogger will not repeat them. Strangely enough, many on the Alt-Left including certain "historians" and bloggers likewise use the term Rainbow Confederate -- an invented Tumblr term credited to an internet YouTube shit poster named Hunter Wallace (not his real name) -- but then again maybe not so strangely?

Already the white nationalists are planning more of their rallies in Virginia and Tennessee later this month, with groups like Antifa and other Alt-Leftists vowing to oppose -- at least officially. 

These Alt-Right white nationalists seek to ultimately co-opt the symbols of Confederate heritage and their meaning, while the Alt-Left regressives and cultural marxists seek to remove them from public viewing and marginalize those who continue to honor them in their proper context while seeking to also change their meaning to promote their own ideology. The meanings that both groups would label those symbols is the same: racism, segregation, murder, treason, hate, denigration, ect. 

No, I am not advancing my own conspiracy theory here folks, I promise. I merely point out the similarities between these two groups of extremes when it comes to how they define symbols of Confederate heritage and those who honorably defend it. Two side of the same worthless wooden nickel. One side wishes to claim Confederate symbols, the other wishes to label them racism and remove them. The idea that both groups are playing off each other to further their various goals in direct collusion is simply speculation -- though one does not have to have an overactive, autism-driven imagination like I have to see that their collective efforts inevitably lead down the same twisted path when it comes to this issue. 

They actually share much more in common, but
that's another rant altogether.

Where does that leave those of us in the middle between these two extremes? Fighting a war on two fronts, that's where. But that's been the case since the 80s when we courageously took up this fight to defend our Southern-Confederate historical heritage from the scourge of politically correct fascism, and reclaim it from those who promoted racism and bigotry in the name of the Southern people. 

We certainly are not going anywhere, nor can we. The moment we boldly declared the words: Heritage Not Hatred, we declared war on these extremes and their goal of wrongly claiming those symbols of our shared Southern heritage and true identity for their own ends. 

For over two decades a generation of Southern children of all ethnic and religious creeds have been taught and raised by many on the creed of Heritage Not Hatred and today most of them are teaching their children the same. Southerners of color -- and yes certainly white Southern children -- have been taught not to fear flags and monuments, nor to allow them to be used by others to promote that fear. To give in to those extremes now would condemn those children to regressive ignorance, and wrongly teach them to fear the sight of symbols that need never frighten them. 

That thought alone would keep this blogger fighting, even more so than watching the flags pulled from the graves, the monuments torn down and hidden away, and the gravestones crumbling into dust, the name forgotten and condemned. 

Confederate heritage is a part of Southern and American identity. It belongs to all Southern people, not just people who burn easier in the summer sun, or to people who claim Christian values. This is truth and it will keep us moving forward, even as the Alt-Right and Alt-Left continue to regress into historical irrelevance. 

God Bless Y'all everyone.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Planetary Photography -- 10-05-2017 -- The October Harvest Moon

Greetings Fellow Stargazers!

As I mentioned in my previous full moon post, the first full moon following the autumn equinox is the Harvest Full Moon. This year the first full moon following the first day of fall takes place in October. 

Just after sunset I was able to take a pair of nice low eastern horizon shots, one just above and between the treetops, and the other between the branches of the tree. 

I can think of no better way to start out one of my favorite months of the year than a beautiful full moon rising. A Halloween full moon would be better, but alas, the next full moon won't be until the evening of November 3rd and 4th of this year. That will be the Hunter's Full Moon, and incidentally the second largest full moon of 2017. 

Well folks, I hope y'all enjoyed my photos of the Harvest Moon of 2017 and until next time, keep your eyes to the skies, y'all hear? 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Canadian War Between The States Veterans Honored In Ontario

Members of the Quebec-based Civil War Reenactment group Grays And Blues Of Montreal
one of the groups largely responsible for the erection of the monument in the background.
(Photo courtesy of Yahoo News)

On Saturday, September 16th of this year, a new American Civil War marker was unveiled and dedicated honoring the services and memories of more than 40,000 men and boys from Canada who served on both sides during the conflict. 

The black obelisk monument honors Canadians who took up arms on both sides of the war was unveiled Saturday at the Lost Villages Museum in South Stormont outside of Cornwell, Ontario. The monument was a collaboration between the Grays and Blues of Montreal and the Lost Villages Historical Society, a group that preserves the history of pioneer villages flooded by the 1950s widening of the Saint Lawrence River to form the Seaway.

It is a little known fact to many Americans who saw the War Between The States as largely a strictly American affair that Canadian volunteers also served in the war. It is believed that 36,000 Canadians wore the Union blue while another 4,000 or so wore the Confederate gray and butternut. These Canadian-born citizen-soldiers came from Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Of that number about 7,000 died during the war.

The British government was officially neutral during the war and Canada would not exist as an independent country until 1967. The colonial government took this neutral stance, though a number of government officials in Canada and most Canadian citizens supported Confederate independence. For example when the report of the Confederate victory at the First Battle of Manassas arrived in Canada’s legislature, a spontaneous cheer is said to have gone up. 
On the other side of the coin, there is Canada's role as the final stop in the Underground Railroad where slaves escaping America's institution of slavery found refuge from slave catchers in communities such as Birchtown, Nova Scotia which had been founded after the American Revolutionary War by exiled Black American Loyalists and escaped slaves. 

Although the British Empire had spearheaded global efforts to abolish African slavery, and despite the fact that most of the Southern States appear to have seceded from the Union in protest of congressional interference with the institution of slavery most Canadians seemed to have identified with the South as a fellow agrarian country facing an invasion from the United States. No doubt such support for Confederate independence was seen as a way to thumb the eye of the United States government after several failed invasions of Canadian soil by America during the American Revolutionary War and War of 1812

Relations with the United States were not always so antagonistic for many Canadians who lived along the St. Lawrence River. At the time the War began in 1861, tens of thousands of Canadians were  already living in U.S. territory. Many of these men enlisted to be a part of the "adventure" of fighting in war. Others were supporters who trekked south to enlist -- those that wished to join the C.S. ranks traveled much farther south. 

Perhaps two of the most famous Canadians who served in the Union Army of the Potomac were Lieutenant Calixa Lavallee, a French-Canadian who would compose the music to the Canadian National Anthem "O Canada" and Captain Edward P. Doherty, an Irish-Canadian officer who led the detachment of the 16th NY Cavalry that cornered and killed John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln. The conflict also saw 29 Canadian soldiers awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest military decoration for US military personnel. 

This blogger would like to express gratitude to those responsible for the construction and erection of this new monument honoring forgotten veterans of that terrible war. Not only does it further promote the global diversity of Southern-Confederate historical heritage, but it shows the love and dedication that those of us who respect the sacrifices of those willing to fight for the causes they supported in that war continue to promote overall, in spite of the forces of division the seek to erase the memories of these men and spit on their memories collectively.

This blogger also contributed a small amount of money to the erection of the monument in question. I only wish I could have given more to such a worthy endeavor.

Least We Forget.

Auther's Note: YIKES!!! I can't believe I made a typo in the blog title, worse that I actually misspelled "Canadian". To my friends in the north, I am truly sorry and have made the appropriate corrections. Thanks to my friend and coworker M.J. for pointing out the error.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Future Of Southern Fried Common Sense & Stuff

Greetings and Salutations my friends and fellow travelers. 

As many of y'all can see on the Total Pageviews counter on the upper right of the blog, Southern Fried Common Sense & Stuff nears the watershed mark of 100,000 views.  

While this might not be very impressive to some bloggers who have been online for years, for a this simple country writer from South Carolina who started out in December of 2014 and blogs rather inconsistently about random subjects, closing in on 100,000 pageviews mark within three years of being online is a pretty impressive milestone.

Through photojournalism and personal stories of what I have observed over the years, I have sought to both educate people and to counter the misinformation and outright lies of those opposed to displays of symbols of Southern-Confederate historical heritage while promoting the positive aspects of that heritage. I have also used a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm, in addition to  presenting the objective facts about how your average Southern heritage supporter views these situations in my Responding To Regressives posts when countering the largely misinformed arguments of those who seek to condemn the memory of the Confederate soldier -- and according to some, have done a pretty good job of doing so in some circles.

Although Confederate heritage defense is a big issue with me, I have also sought to promote local heritage and events through my small corner of South Carolina, and told stories about local hometown history, as well as spoken about random subjects like fandom -- usually through the passing of some celebrity connected with it. My Planetary Photography has also been a bit hit among visitors, as well as my travel photography.

Beginning this month and moving forward, I am going to add a few new categories: Nostalgic Movie & Animation Reviews where I will talk about the films and animated shows that influenced me as a youth and still resonate with me today as a pseudo-adult.  In addition to this, I will also introduce a new segment called A Slice of Life where I will tell -- from time to time -- stories about incidents from my youth till the present in order for y'all to get a better understanding of who this blogger is and what shaped me as a person and the influences that ultimately prompted me to become a writer. 

Again I thank y'all for your support and for your views. As this blog moves forward, I hope to continue to both entertain and educate y'all on various topics of discussion. 

Thank you friends and fellow travelers. 

~Carl R.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Planetary Photography -- 09-26-2017 -- Luna & Saturn

Greetings Fellow Stargazers!

As I promised in my previous post, last night I was able to get a pair of outstanding shots of the moon with the distant wanderer Saturn. As you can see Luna is nearing her first quarter moon phase -- which she will achieve around 10:52 PM EST on the US East Coast on Wednesday, September 27th. 

I took the photos about 40 minutes after sunset.

I hope that y'all enjoyed my photos. Coming up on October 5th is this year's Harvest Moon. Until then have a wonderful Dixie Day and as always keep looking to the skies, y'all. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Planetary Photography -- 09-22-2017 -- Equinox Waxing Crescent Moon & Jupiter

Good evening stargazers!

This evening I was able to get a pair of spectacular shots of the slender waxing crescent moon with Jupiter low in the western sky about 40 minutes after sunset. This is the first official moon of the autumn equinox for this year. 

I took the shots in downtown Chester, South Carolina facing an intersection with SC Highway 321. The site afforded me a shot with several light poles and a water tower on the horizon. 

The first a wide shot with Luna and the large planet Jupiter in the distance in the dusk with the town backdrop. The second shot is a close up of Luna and Jupiter with the water tower and horizon. 

I hope y'all enjoyed my photos as always. The next ones should be coming up on Tuesday, September 26th when Luna meets the distant wanderer, Saturn, almost an hour after sunset. Good weather and clear skies permitting, I will try and have those shots ready for y'all. 

Have a good evening and as always, keep looking to the skies, y'all!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Planetary Photography -- 09-16-2017 -- Conjunction of Mercury & Mars Before Sunrise

Greetings and Salutations again fellow stargazers! 

This morning I had to wake up a bit earlier than usual -- about 90 minutes before sunrise to be exact -- in order to set up the tripod and take some outstanding shots of all the inner planets of our solar system lined up beneath the beautiful Waning Crescent Moon, including a spectacular conjunction of Mercury and Mars low on the horizon. I needed to drive a ways to an unobstructed stretch along SC Highway 9 in order to get a clear shot of all three planets. 

Venus, the third brightest celestial body in Earth's sky is closer to Luna, which ranks as the second brightest next to the sun. Beneath Venus is the 1st magnitude star Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion and one of the few stars that can still be seen from Earth just before sunrise. 

At the bottom close to the treetops on the eastern horizon are the two small planets Mercury and Mars are at conjunction. During conjunction, Mercury and Mars are only 0.06o apart -- roughly the equivalent of about 1/8th the moon’s visible diameter. Being closer to the sun, Mercury shows as brighter than the much further away Red Planet

I managed to get a spectacular close-up of the two conjoined planets just above the treetops.

My final shot is of all the inner worlds (including a slightly foggy Earth beneath) and Luna just before the sunrise began to obstruct the planets from view.  

Well folks, I hope that y'all enjoyed my photographs of the inner planets and our lovely Luna. Be sure to check out my other planetary photographs here and as always keep your eyes to the skies, y'all!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Chester County Transportation Museum

Anyone who has ever lived in Chester, South Carolina, knows that the town is infamous for having about four different sets of railroad tracks and numerous crossings. This fact of life tends to lead to a number of frustrations, especially since trains are constantly moving through the town, or stopping there and blocking traffic on a regular basis.

As this blogger once mentioned in a previous post about Chester during the final year of the War Between the States, the town was once the center of a major transportation hub and in the years following the Reconstruction Era until around the 1970s, Chester was also site to several mill villages owned by the Springs family. Railroad transportation of cotton and textile products was a major industry in that time. 

The Chester County Transportation Museum located at 157 Wylie Street in Chester, was once the site of a former freight depot of the old Seaboard Air Line Railroad. Built in 1888, and preserved by the Chester County Historical Society through a grant by the SC Department of Transportation, the museum holds a nice collection of historical artifacts related to the railroad and illustrating the development and evolution of transportation in the country. 

Outside the building you will see some old highway mile markers, plus the railroad track which is still in use. On the inside, you can find a collection of old automobiles, a horse-drawn buggy, old bicycles, several model railroads, and hundreds of smaller transportation artifacts from a variety of eras. The building itself has been wonderfully restored by groups of volunteers. This is a great place for railroad fans, antique car buffs, or anyone else who is interested in period historical artifacts.

The office/gift shop is the original freight office, featuring
various displays including railroad and vehicle related items,
maps of early railroad systems, and books about the history of
Chester County rail and road development.
The State of South Carolina first required license plates
for cars in 1917. This display of tags shows every type
of plate from 1917-2017.
Early buggy made in Rock Hill by the Rock Hill Buggy Company.
An old sorting table used in the Chester Post Office to sort mail for
rural mail routes. The Post Office played an important role in
the development of transportation.
A 1906 Model N Ford.
A 1939 Ford automobile.
A 1925 Hardin School Bus used in the Wellridge Community
near Great Falls, SC. This bus was made by the Hardin
Motor Company in Rock Hill, SC.
An old wood stove of the type used by people
around the turn of the century.
A 1921 LaFrance fire truck -- the first one used by the
Chester Fire Department.
This truck was also used as a prop during the filming of the
miniseries Chiefs (1986) in Chester.
A 1931 Ford Model 4 automobile.
Just behind it is a 1934 Ford V-8 Model.

This old railroad trestle over SC HWY 9 in western Chester
still bears the markings of the old Seaboard Air Line Railroad.

I hope y'all enjoyed my photos and, as always, Have A Wonderful Dixie Day, Y'all!