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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Epic Autumn Day With My Sister's Boys -- Part One: HILLarity In Chester

On Thursday, October 13th of this year, my sister's youngest son, Caleab Morris celebrated his 11th birthday. 

As sort of a late birthday gift for him, and a chance to spend a fun day with both my sister's kids -- my little buddies -- I planned out a somewhat busy, but activity-packed days for them to enjoy. 

The third and fourth weekends in October are a particularly activity-filled time in this part of upstate South Carolina. Finding several things going on at once -- more importantly activities that I could financially afford to take myself and two young boys to -- was not all that hard. 

After spending the night at my house watching scary movies and Pixar stories -- and yes playing video games -- my nephews and I set off to the first of a three-part activity planned day.

Out first stop, the annual HILLarity Festival in downtown Chester. 

The HILLairty Festival has been a fixture in historic downtown Chester, South Carolina for over 20 years every third weekend in October and draws around 20,000 visitors annually. There are many amazing attractions -- including a classic car show; something both myself and my oldest nephew, Tyler have in common is a weakness for classic cars.

We arrived there just before 10 AM and set out to find something for them to do. I gave each of them $20 to enjoy themselves with. We were met by quite a crowd in several places. Despite my usual anxieties over loud noises and large crowds, I had little trouble holding out in some places and focusing on letting my sister's boys enjoy themselves. 

Tyler & Caleab Morris at the famous Aaron Burr Rock in downtown Chester.

The boys had a really good time for the hour-and-a-half that we attended the festival. But soon they ran out of the money I gave them and we had to move on to the next part in the three-part Epic Autumn Day In October

Stay tuned for the second part of this three-part adventure!

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