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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Moral Difference Between Susan Hathaway And A Ranting Hysterian

One of the things that I was taught growing up in South Carolina is the saying: If you mess with my friends or family, you're messing with me.

In this case, a familiar social "just us" warrior who sometimes calls himself a historian - someone I have mentioned on here before - did just that. He had to go and slander some friends of mine. 

This guy, Kevin Levin, has messed with me personally in the past too, and been thoroughly defeated virtually every single time. The results were of course removed on said blogs, presuming they ever had time to be posted, and yours truly earned the nickname among Southern heritage activists as The Man Deniers Fear Most.

Okay, I don't think I personally deserve that title just for being slightly smarter and more learned than the average high school teacher or history professor. In truth, like General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, I think the soldiers deserve the titles more than I do.

Which brings me to the subjects of today's blog post: my much maligned and yet celebrated friends, The Virginia Flaggers.

Just recently Mr. Levin once again decided to attack the alleged "ineffectiveness" of this group, debase their character, and single out the founding member, Miss Susan F. Hathaway - whom I've mentioned before on this blog in several posts. Levin and his associates seem to enjoy attacking Southern women. Possibly because many women who are Southern heritage activists are strongly independent women who challenge them in some Freudian way? Or perhaps because people who hide behind keyboards and throw insults at people who actually stand a line in the face of real threats - possibly life-threatening ones - secretly envy and likewise hate those who show such courage and character? 

Yes, I believe it is mostly the latter and some of the former. 

The following is the attack piece, written by Mr. Levin at The Daily Beast and as usual this blogger's point by point response written in red.

Again I would point out that my responses are based entirely on my personal knowledge and details of the situation. These include my own opinions alone and do not necessarily reflect on the Southern heritage defense movement as a whole.

A group with ties to white extremist organizations protests the removal of Confederate flags from public places by planting Rebel flags of their own along major highways. 
Well, let's just see if Mr. Levin is going to go about proving that charge in any meaningful way.

Kevin M. Levin  Again NOT the character from Ben 10.

09.21.16 1:06 PM ET
(This blogger's response: 09-21-2016 10:30 PM EST)

This week the Virginia Flaggers celebrate their five-year anniversary. Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me! Congratulations guys!  You may never have heard of this organization, but if you have traveled Virginia’s highways over the past few years you certainly have seen their handiwork. Heard of them, support them, and love their handiwork! During this time the Flaggers have raised large Confederate battle flags along I-95, I-81, and I-64. A feat that once upon a time Mr. Levin himself swore would never happen, but let's not dwell on the past....oops, I think this conversation will have the past brought up a great deal, huh? In July 2015 the group raised a 30-by-50 foot flag near Danville, Virginia along the I-29 bypass. These flag raisings have been carried out in response to the steps taken by local governments, along with public and private institutions, to remove or re-locate Confederate iconography. The correct interpretation would be that these raisings were carried out in response to politically correct fascism, regressive anti-Confederate heritage reactionary hatred, and anti-Southern bigotry against symbols of a living heritage.
The organization has enjoyed steady coverage by local media outlets over the last five years, but few reporters have looked closely at Flagger membership or the individuals and organizations with which it has found common cause. I'm guessing this is where the initial charge comes into play. Okay then, let's see what you got dude. Some of these individuals are directly connected with White Nationalist groups such as the League of the South, which openly promote white supremacy. Such a close association blurs the lines between legitimate concerns for the preservation of history and heritage and the racial politics of the present.
Ah and here is where Levin's arguments fail to show merit. 
The Virginia Flaggers are made up of a loose coalition of volunteers who have been at times infiltrated by individuals of dubious character who do not share the core values of the Southern heritage defense movement as a whole.
The reason for this has nothing to do with an acceptance of white supremacist ideology, rather it is a matter of the group being open and accepting to people and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Surely Mr. Levin must know that the Virginia Flaggers a group does not primarily live on social media, or conduct tests of "ideological purity" or preform background checks on every individual who volunteers to take a stand against anti-Confederate heritage hatred.
To offer a frank yet appropriate analogy, this would be exactly the same as saying that the violent handful of malcontents who take part in protests against police violence - who commit arson, vandalism, and even murder - under the guise of the Black Lives Matter movement (also a group largely made up of volunteers) are equally representative of that movement as a whole.
The Virginia Flaggers are just a trusting lot of Southern ladies and gentlemen who take people at their word until they prove themselves full of crap. Such individuals do not stick around long when they learn these folks ain't buying what they are selling.
The core of the Virginia Flaggers was organized by Susan Hathaway in 2011 in response to the removal of a Confederate battle flag in front of Confederate Memorial Chapel in Richmond, Virginia, which at one point was part of a soldiers’ home for Confederate veterans. You mean the wrongful removal of the flags from the chapel don't you? The property is now owned and operated by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA). According to the Flaggers, the Confederate battle flag ought to be celebrated, along with the men who fought under it. And they would be correct. Their understanding of the war falls neatly within the confines of the Lost Cause narrative: So naturally the shameless self-promoter he is, Mr. Levin reverts to an opinion piece he wrote at the same useless rag. Slavery had nothing to do with the cause of the war; relations between white and black Southerners were peaceful before the war; the Confederacy fought solely for states’ rights; and African Americans supported the cause in large numbers. A very simplistic, if not entirely accurate generalization of how hundreds of individuals who support or are members of the Flaggers view Southern-Confederate history and heritage. But remember that in Levin's world of Social Justice activism disguised as "civil war memory" people are a collective consciousness rather than thinking reasoning individuals with their own sense of defining history and morality.
Not to be a self-promoter here, but refer to my own views on that subject HERE.

According to Hathaway, “As sons and daughters of the South, we have inherited a birthright. Ours is a proud heritage.” Amen my Southern Sister! She is correct there.
Early on the Flaggers remained focused on the VMFA by staging weekly protests in front of the chapel, but they quickly expanded their reach across Virginia. In 2012 they protested the opening of the Museum of the Confederacy’s new branch at Appomattox for refusing to fly the battle flag outside of the building, even though the museum preserves and exhibits one of the largest collection of wartime flags inside. One banner on a pole would have solved that little problem. I also understand that Union flags are displayed inside as well, but a US flag flies outside the building. Humm. Double standard here? Beginning in 2013 their focus shifted to Lexington, where the city council was deciding whether to discontinue the practice of allowing the display of Confederate flags on city-owned light poles for the annual gathering of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A practice that was enacted against the will of a majority of the city's residence, and an act of hatred that was rightly protested. Their protests and threats to boycott city businesses failed to prevent Lexington from discontinuing the practice. Shortly thereafter Washington & Lee University, also located in the city, chose to remove Confederate battle flags from inside Lee Chapel, where the general is buried. Not because of any specific act by the Flaggers, though I am certain Mr. Levin loves spinning it that way.
In the face of these defeats the Flaggers chose to take the offensive by buying small plots of land along Virginia highways for their Confederate battle flags. The raising of the first flag along I-95, just south of Richmond, received a good deal of media attention. Hathaway hoped that these flags would serve as a “living, breathing memorial to our Confederate dead.” And their continued success, as well as how effective these acts have been continues to gall you, doesn't it, Kevin? LOL! Increased publicity, however, brought the Flaggers into closer contact with individuals whose interests in the Confederate battle flag extended far beyond commemorating the dead. In 2012 the Flaggers were photographed parading with Matthew Heimbach. Ah, an assclown that I have personally had some back and forth exchanges online with - ones that usually ended in a great deal of butthurt for Mr. Heimbach, I might add. Heimbach was the founder of Towson State’s White Student Union and Towson’s Youth for Western Civilization. In 2014 he became the League of the South’s training director and is considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be the “new face of white nationalism.” A face only a mother could love....though a mother what would be hard to define.
In response to the twin defeats in Lexington, History has yet to determine that, and believe me those battles are still going on behind the scenes. the Virginia Flaggers raised a battle flag on the property of Raymond Agnor along I-81, just north of the city. Shortly after the flag raising, Agnor took out an ad in a local newspaper stating in no uncertain terms that, “No black people or democrats are allowed on my property until further notice.” “I don’t want them on my property,” he went on to say, “because I have seen what they did in Baltimore and Ferguson and other places.” Considering the actions of SJW activists, a sensible suggestion, though I would agree that the generalization was unwarranted. Many black Southerners and yes Democrats support the Virginia Flagger's efforts. While the Flaggers refused to respond to the controversy at the time there is every reason to believe that they share Agnor’s racial outlook. Or likely they did not know of it at the time as I am given to understand. Remember not all of us spend every waking hour eating junkfood in front of a computer screen, Kevin. Some people actually go out in the sunlight and enjoy life outside their parent's basement, believe it or not.
The Confederate battle flag raised in Stafford County near Fredericksburg, Virginia is located on the property of Hubert Wayne Cash, who believes that “all blacks are a worthless bunch of freeloading, dangerous animals that should be put down like the dogs that they are.” He goes on, but you get the idea. Note that Mr. Levin offers no legitimate source for the quotes used - just a couple of agenda-based bloggers. Oh the quotes are accurate, though not in full context. Again though I do not attempt to justify the words and generalizations of Mr. Cash, in fact I widely disagree with them. 
Allow me to also add that of the over 20 flags raised by the VA Flaggers to date, these are the only two sources of contention Mr. Levin can apparently find. Two out of twenty (or more). Do the math folks, that's one in ten.
Again ideological purity is not a factor here, nor is there any evidence presented that either Mr. Agnor nor Mr. Cash are members of white supremacist organizations.
Last summer Susan Hathaway agreed to join Kirk Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource Center—an organization that the SPLC labels as “Extremist “ A group of race-baiters calling someone else "extremist" oh-ho-ho you are too funny, Kevin. I bet you have never met Mr. Lyons, spoken directly to him, and judged him for who he is as an individual have you? —and James Bessenger of the South Carolina Secessionist Party for a flag raising ceremony to mark the one-year anniversary of the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the state house grounds in Columbia, South Carolina. This followed the mass shooting at a Charleston church by suspect Dylann Roof, who it was learned identified closely with Confederate iconography. I know someone who collects World War 2 and Vietnam War memorabilia, but that doesn't make that individual a supporter of Imperial Japan or the Vietcong, does it? Also consider that Roof's specific views of the Confederate flag largely correspond with the wrong-thinking view expressed by all who oppose it's public display.  Just before the event, which was scheduled for July 10, 2016, Which as I understand it was peaceful aside from a small group of malcontents who tried to protest it and failed. Hathaway canceled her appearance, but there is no indication that it had anything to do with the reputations of the other speakers. I wasn't there either and I live much closer to Columbia than does Susan Hathaway. I was attending a local Revolutionary War commemoration on the same day.
The Flaggers have redoubled their efforts in the wake of the Charleston shootings and subsequent calls to remove Confederate flags and monuments from public spaces, but they have met with no success. LOL they have raised nearly a dozen more flags since there. I don't know what your definition of "success" is, but clearly it is set on a very low bar. Communities throughout Virginia continue to question the appropriateness of Confederate iconography in public spaces. The Flaggers have traveled to cities like Charlottesville and Danville to testify at city council hearings and remind community members that the wrong decision will be met with one or more flag raisings, but few people take them seriously. Danville's city council it seems has come to largely regret that.
This past week Alexandria, Virginia’s City Council voted unanimously to change the name of Jefferson Davis Highway and is looking into the removal of a Confederate soldier statue in the center of town as well. It is very likely that at some point the Virginia Flaggers will visit and may even find a small plot of ground to raise another one of their large battle flags. With each flag raising, however, the Flaggers reveal how very little influence they have had on these community debates and decisions. Instead, they are being left behind and exposed for the reactionaries that they are.
Their highway flags wave in the name of two lost causes, the first being the defeat of an army pledged to establish an independent slaveholding republic and the other, to try to justify it 150 years later. For the Virginia Flaggers, it has always been about “hate, not heritage.”
Excuse me while I try to contain my laughter at that naive assumption. More and more you sound like you are trying to tell yourself these people are ineffective. If so then why this little manifesto? They seem to be doing something right - they are getting under your skin and living rent free in the minds of regressive hysterians like you, dude. 

Now for this blogger's two cents. 

I have had the pleasure of knowing and meeting with Miss Susan F. Hathaway off and on for the last four years in Lexington, Virginia; Stone Mountain, Georgia; and even here in my home state of South Carolina - God's country on Earth (aside from that other beautiful place in the Middle East).  

In the times that I have met with and talked with her as a person, I have found Miss Susan Hathaway to be one of the least racially driven people I have ever encountered. More to the point, she is a classy Southern lady who has shown me nothing but honor. I take her at her word that she is who she claims to be. She is a warrior for the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name and guardian of his memory. She is a modern-day Sally Tompkins with a little of General JEB Stuart thrown in. Most importantly, she is a soldier of Christ and a true defender of the living Confederate heritage that is a part of the overall Southern identity that belongs to all Southern people regardless of creed and skin color. And she is my friend and sister of Dixie.

I take her more at her word than I would Kevin Levin. An internet troll and educator of dubious moral standing who chooses to character attack and slander people he cannot otherwise take on in a real debate. Who delights in falsely labeling people as racists. Who slanders the memories of the Confederate dead and offers insane "neo-Confederate" conspiracy theories about those who honor said dead today. Who apparently has more courage behind a keyboard than he does dealing with people in real life.

Susan Hathaway has done nothing to show herself to be anything but a woman of honor. Levin, on the other hand, with his condescending attitude and his ability to distort things to suit his own agenda, has done everything to show he has no honor at all.

Kevin Levin has never met personally with Susan L. Hathaway, never taking the time to know her as I have. Nor do I believe he would have the courage to do so anymore than I expect him to come to this UNCENSORED blog to respond to my points. But since he and his support group largely fears the Man the Deniers Fear Most....I won't hold my breath.

My final analysis: Susan Hathaway has a heart of gold and the courage of a lion. She and the brave men and women who have chosen to stand in the thin gray line, to fight back against anti-Confederate heritage regressive attitudes in the face of threats and possibly worse from those who hate them, are a group worthy of respect and honor. Their only fault might be being a bit too trusting of the motives of some folks who try to join them, but like all human beings fighting against oppression and possible infiltration from enemy agents of hatred, they do the best they can.

My analysis of Mr. Kevin Levin: If you were to take Mr. Levin's nuts - as well as those of his fanbase and fellow "history bloggers" and throw them into a drinking straw, they would look like a bunch of bbs rolling down a storm drain.  

Miss Susan Hathaway of the VA Flaggers with your humble blogger
at Stonewall Jackson's grave in Lexington, VA. Jan. 2015.


  1. Thank you for this.Mrs. Hathaway has been nothing but receptive any time Ive reached out to her.Shes truly one of the greatest Southern patriots anywhere.And you mess with her you mess with us all!god bless you!

    1. Susan Hathaway is indeed a remarkable Southern lady of good moral character. Probably one of the best people I have met in this movement to defend and preserve Confederate symbol and Southern-Confederate historical heritage.

  2. Excellent rebuttal, and I concur with your description of Susan. Her behavior and moral character puts those of these hate-filled, attack-bloggers to shame....

    1. Indeed it does Connie, every single time. People who are morally weak and ineffective always hate and envy those who are good at what they do and who show true moral courage.

  3. The name Levin, leads me to assume this is yet another Marxist Jew devoted to the task of erasing American history. So, speak up Kevin and tell us what gives you the right to sit in righteous judgment of the Confederacy and those who died in the struggle to preserve self government.

    1. In all honesty Carroll, I have no idea what Mr. Levin's religious or cultural identity is, presuming that the man even practices any religion beyond Liberalism - which is in itself a cult.
      That being said, I do not get what him being a Jew would matter. I would point out that a good number of the men who fought to defend the self-government of the Confederate States of America and the land of Dixie were themselves men and boys of Jewish faith. Many of them died for the South bravely. In addition to being a strong advocate for Southern-Confederate historical heritage, I also happen to be a friend of Messianic Jews and a supporter of the Nation of Israel.
      As for your other point, I believe based on what I know of Mr. Levin personally and from his writing that he probably actually believes his line of bullshit about Lost Cause narratives and "neo-Confederate" conspiracies to rewrite history. His profound hatred of strong-willed Southern women and black Southern heritage supporters is well documented. Worse is his intellectual dishonesty. In truth, he hates anyone who feels that Confederate soldiers are recognized American veterans who deserve to be honored; and anyone who takes pride in being a Confederate descendant. For him any such pride in that aspect of Southern identity doesn't make sense and must be based on some darker motive.
      If he could at least be honest to that point, I could at the very least pity him.

    2. Well C.W. there is a reason why the ever devilin’ Kevin Levin being ‘Jewish’ might matter. Up here in the Commie Wealth of Massachusetts we got real Jews and we got fake Jews.
      It’s kinda like the Southern Historical Society’s ideas on Northerners, Copperheads, Yankees and Home Yankees and it gets complicated sorting out all the players in the game.
      Using their usual sneaky PC language stunts the ‘diversity educators’ up here already stripped Jews of their religion status. They call them an ‘ethnic group’ because of the number of ‘secular’ Jews. And way too many Seculars have gone along with the con not catching on that the PC Fascists are the modern incarnation of Nazis.
      Devlin’ Kevin is an idiot following the usual PC pattern. And he’s way too stupid and dishonest to even admit to himself that there’s been a Confederate news blackout up here for more than a year. So the fool convinces himself that there’s only about ten Confederate Flags and supporters on the planet ‘cuz he never sees it on the news.

    3. Levin is an idiot for a number of reasons. He is also morally dishonest and dishonorable, not to mention a coward who fears a real debate. Those are undisputed facts.

      I think I get what you are saying to some degree, though I would say that regardless of religious and ethnicity, a Leftist is an ideologue first and foremost. Political correctness and Liberal politics are their religion regardless of skin color, or the faith they claim. Before a Leftist is anything else, even an American, they are a part of the collective consciousness of worldwide neo-Marxism that pushes politically correct fascism onto truly free-thinking and independent-minded people. I truly feel pity for anyone who has been brainwashed by that mindset and fail to see it for what it is.

      When it comes to the Jewish faith and the people of Israel, I have the highest respect for them as God's Chosen People (I mean other then Southerners) - particularly Messianic Christian Jews. I support the Nation of Israel and its right to exist. I also have a great respect for the memory of the 10 to 12,000 Orthodox and Christian Jews that fought in defense of Southern Independence in the War Between the States, and those that fought for this nation of ours in every single major American War since then.

    4. C.W. it’s a whole ‘nother world up here. The Levin types rule the roost in this PC Star Wars wretched hive of scum and villainy. And while PC fascism is controlled by Liberals there’s no shortage of ‘Conservatives’ who go along with it. As a result Police and civilians die while terrorism grows and the Nation melts down.

      Meanwhile... I’m now the guy in control of the Black Keys Matter movement and the PC can’t see what’s comin’ at ‘em. The PC Fascists banned playing Dixie at the Ole Miss games and that requires a pro-Confederate response.

      The Confederate Rule is that for every Dixie Flag taken down then two go up and y’all have gone way past that goal. Based on that rule the tune Dixie has to go piano viral way down there in the land of cotton, especially at the Ole Miss... and I have the way to help our team meet that new goal so...

      stay tuned...

    5. So Carl if Levin is an idiot, when will C-Span be contacting you for your insight on the War of the Rebellion?

    6. Hopefully never. I am not a huge fan of C-Span, except maybe as a means of curing insomnia. Not sure what a historian would need to be on a political channel for anyhow. I mean I personally choose to separate my personal political views from historical memory and honoring my cultural and regional heritage.
      If I was asked to do so I would decline anyhow out of principle. For starters I am a simple country writer, not a politician, or a SJW posing as a "historian" in Levin's case.

      My only insight into the War Between the States would be defined in this case:
      It was a stupid bloody mess where men on both sides died for the greed and desire for power of the wealthy over poor men and boys. The nation was tainted by the War, including those allegedly "freed" as a result. The soldiers who fought on both sides were men of simple duty and deserve to be honored as American Veterans "With malice toward none, with charity toward all" as a certain fella said. Their descendants deserve the dignity of honoring their ancestry in their own way without being labeled falsely, or having unproven negative motives wrongly assigned to said shows of respect.

      That pretty much defines my whole position in a nutshell.

    7. C.W. don't you go declining the C-Span invitation if it comes... Do a Wrath of Khan thing where you let them eat moving video static while getting your point across.

      Give them a written response along with all those photos you post with the smiling faces of blacks and whites arm in arm with their Confederate Flags.

      Now that would make some history.

  4. If I would just sent Kevin that Hotdog!

    1. Still upholding your boycott of Lexington or does one have a weakness for the wiener?

    2. Not sure about anyone else Corey, but my personal boycott of Lexington isn't that much of a big deal.
      I usually drive up there the early morning of Lee-Jackson Day, attend the memorial service, and leave afterwards to drive another five hours home. I don't have time to buy anything there and I usually pack snacks for the trip and buy stuff at the rest stops or gas station on the way back.
      Oh and speaking of wieners, thanks for reminding me: Oktober Fest is coming up! YAY!

  5. I was there at that Flag Raising in Columbia. Susan Hathaway had been advertised as coming, but had heard she had cancelled. I was there because Arlene Barnum and another mutual online friend were coming across many states to be there. Arlene was the survivor of the crash that killed Anthony Hervey (for those who care about such things, they are (and were) two of our Confederate heritage activists of color). I had told her long ago she would be fine at the State House, but I had to make sure given that I had given my word. I also have another media friend, whom I met that Sunday in Charleston post-Charleston Nine murders - yes, I went. No, I am not a member of the Secessionist Party. I fight FOR my ancestors and AGAINST revisionist haters on any side.
    When I got to the State House for the Flag raising, security was VERY high; that was the week that the Dallas police officers had been killed. There were concerns that Soros-funded "protesters" (i.e., rioters) would be there. There were some, but thanks to the great SLED presence, we had no trouble that afternoon.
    I have personally witnessed Susan Hathaway personally ejecting a couple of people who had known (to them, not to me) ties to suspect groups. Mr. Levin probably knows a whole lot more about such setups than I do, since the haters on all sides tend to work together. Their goal is to attempt to "own" Confederate heritage according to their agenda. They shall not succeed.
    God bless the Flaggers, God bless our Confederate ancestors, and God bless America!