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Saturday, March 26, 2016

YouTube Tool Gets Pwned By The Man The Deniers Fear The Most

Greetings y'all. Happy Easter weekend. 

Many regular readers of this blog will recall that last August 1st, I took part in the "Rally To The Colors" Confederate heritage and flag rally in York, South Carolina. The details of that event, along with some really good photos can be seen here

Some video of the event appeared not long afterwards on the site YouTube, including a really good one showing the keynote speaker, Mr. H.K. Edgerton of Asheville, North Carolina. A noted defender of Confederate heritage and the Dixie Cross (Southern Cross) battle flag and a well respected and honorable gentleman.

The video can be seen at the link here.
I had a chance to speak to Mr. Edgerton before the rally ended. He thanked me for coming out, and was moved by the black ribbon I had tied to the pole above my own Southern flag in honor of another proud defender of our heritage, Mr. Anthony Hervey who was lynched by anti-Confederate heritage reactionaries in July of last year. His funeral would take place a few days later and Mr. Edgerton told me he would let the family know what I had done out of respect for that honorable man.  

Well since it is YouTube, a place well know for internet trolls and all-around haters, it came as no surprise that Mr. Edgerton's words in defense of the flag and it's place in the multicultural tapestry that is Southern Heritage came under fire from anti-Confederate heritage reactionaries, white supremacists, and black activists who referred Mr Edgerton - who happens to be a Black Southern man - to just about every obscene, anti-black stereotype in the book. I will not out of principal quote or offer screenshots of what sort of trashy toxic rhetoric was thrown at Mr. Edgerton out because it has no place here on this blog. I also strongly encourage anyone who decides to look to take the time to defend Mr. Edgerton and denounce these obscene words for the racist hatred that it is. 

Aside from the usual hit-in-run trolls one finds on such sites, there are also those trolls who feel the need to "educate" while at the same time throw around ad hominen insults at those who reject their own faulty premises. 

One of these individuals in particular was a really mouthy piece of work named Scott Ledridge.

The entire YouTube post's review page is littered with Mr. Ledridge's responses, insults, and all-around boring cut-and-paste historical references that all amount to the same tired, boring point:

Naturally, I put my two cents in. Okay, maybe I tossed around a few good-natured insults too. Hey, it's YouTube after all. Still I felt that I stood my ground and made a very good case for honoring the modern Confederate heritage. 

Obviously being a pusedo-intellectual, Mr. Ledrige disagreed with me. One of his long, ranting responses to several key points I made put him clearly on the defensive and he responded with this:

Yeah, the things I have to put up with, huh?

Oh and before we go on, the screen name: Samurai Momo....yeah that's yours truly. Named for one of my favorite characters from the amazing series Avatar The Last Airbender. The name Samurai Momo is a reference to a weird dream sequence the main character Aang has in Season 3 episode 9: Nightmares and Daydreams - one of the funniest damn things I've seen in a long time.

Cute little guy, ain't he? You do NOT wanna pick a fight with him!

Anyhow, getting back on track here, I felt that Mr. Ledridge's response deserve a better venue than just YouTube. It also afforded me to take a weird little fishing expedition from an internet troll into an excellent blog post and a means of expanding on the truths of modern-day Confederate heritage for you, the reader. 

So here is my point-by-point response to the tedious Mr. Scott Ledridge. As always my responses are highlighted in red:

"you people": Neo-Confederates. Any people that willfully put their heads in the sand because confronting what actually challenges your preconceptions and opening yourself up to being wrong is somehow terrifying. 

Well skippy, I am afraid I have to call foul on your first point. I am not a Neo-Confederate. I addressed this point last year on this blog point by point using the exact definition as written on the Southern Poverty Law Center's webpage. By their exact standards of the term, I do not apply as a "Neo-Confederate". Now I know that "you people" (meaning anti-Confederate heritage reactionaries) tend to throw around that term at just about anyone who disagrees with your backward-moving views of Southern heritage and history. In short anyone like you who willfully puts their head up their backside because confronting what actually challenges your wrong-thinking preconceptions and opening yourself up to the terrifying idea of being wrong.
Do you throw the term at me in that regard because you are losing an argument, or just because you actually thought it applied? Either way you are wrong, dude. 

"I would happily attempt to explain the concept of a "living heritage" to someone like you" -

I very much would and shall endeavor to do so in terms you can grasp.

I would be very interested in what you call "living heritage". 

Good then that means you won't be bored.

But, to that term, I would say that what a heritage and identity is to a people is absolutely fluid over time. I don't think there's anyone that would argue that.  

Uh, not entirely what I mean, though you have begun to grasp the meaning. So why ask the question you askhole? 

The problem arises when you tie that "heritage" to a specific time and a symbol that originated in that time. 

You mean like the Roman Cross that tens of thousands - if not more - people were executed and murdered on? By all means continue, even though you are allegedly the one asking the questions here. 

To take a symbol from the Civil War and say that you are trying to honor those that fought in the Civil War, then you can't separate it from the Civil War.

Um.....yeah I don't believe I endeavored to do anything of the sort in any of my posts on the page. Anyone who looks at the link will see I did not either. Oh wait, you are a Leftists based on your own posts here and other places so that means you conform to the traditional group-think mindset of your kind. Namely the belief that one person's words represent the words of an entire ideology, or group. So I am willing to be you imposed that view based on what others said and applied it to me.
Sorry pal, but that logic does not work in a common sense arena like this blog.

So, then you have to look at who designed that symbol,

Mr. William Porcher Miles, a congressman from South Carolina initially designed the flag. A Confederate General PGT Beauregard came up with the final design after Miles' original design was rejected as a national flag. Three Richmond, VA women: Miss Hetty Cary and her sister and cousin created the first battle flag.
Yeah I know who designed it, and now so do you and anyone else reading this.

what is was designed for,

A battle standard used to mark the placement of soldiers in the line of battle and identify them from a distance through smoke.

and what it was meant to represent.  

I think that is open to interpretation from those who carried it into battle. About all letters written by soldiers ON BOTH SIDES defined those flags as more than just tokens of battle, but as reminders of home, country and the honor of their regiments. They also defined them as representative of the courage of those fellow soldiers who gave their lives in defense of their friends. Their espirit de corps. One has to be a veteran to grasp what that really means though civilians can get a basic understanding. 

Now, if you were to say the "Southern Heritage" used to be a focus on hierarchy and paternalism, but has since changed to be hospitality and inclusion, there's an argument that could be made for that. 

Two points here.
First of all, Southern Heritage as it is defined by me and others like me has always been about hospitality and inclusion. 
Second, it depends on how you define the term. Southern heritage itself encompasses a great deal of history both before and after the War Between The States (American Civil War) and consists of the cultural heritage of a vastly diverse group of people who are today called Southerners. If that is not your personal definition of the term "Southern heritage" then I am afraid your statement is irrelevant. Let's move forward shall we?

But, for the symbols of the CSA, those are tied to the CSA and what the CSA represented. Especially since the CSA never had a chance to evolve into anything else.

Wow what a supremely ignorant and nonsensical statement.
Of course the flag and other symbols like the monuments are tied to the CSA, that was their point of origin....DUH! Obviously they are tied to what the CSA represented, just as any other symbol is tied to its point of origin, including the for-mentioned Roman Cross.
But different from what you feel to be some kind of point, I would add that the Roman Cross has indeed evolved over time - largely in part of one very important Jewish-born man and then other like Him.
No the CSA did not get a chance to evolve into anything else since it ceased to exist, but then again the people of the South - particularly the Confederate soldier who actually carried and defined that flag personally - are not bound entirely to the CSA as a entity are they? No they did evolve over time, grow with time. Them and their descendants - and their flag.  All of whom left a very important legacy that defines the progress of this nation, the United States of America, in the great nation that it is (or was depending on how you view modern-day culture). 

"your own Union ancestry" - You make assumptions. I had ancestors on both sides.

Then my assumptions were correct. Thank you for the validation. Oh and FYI, I too may have had ancestors who fought on both sides - and I have the utmost respect for both those who wore the blue and those who wore the gray and butternut. They are all American Veterans in my eyes.

But, I'm born and live in TN. Love it. Don't want to be anywhere else. 

I feel the same way about South Carolina.

"You and yours on the other hand don't seem to be about uniting people at all." - That's your perception. 

And I can literally site a hundred or more examples that validate that viewpoint, some of them available on this blog.

From your stance, a race of people that were oppressed by that flag should "get over it". For you, they don't matter. That's exclusionary.

WOW! Talk about assumptions!
Congratulations on winning the Darwin Award for literally running yourself into a brick wall. 
I don't recall mentioned "race" at all. I don't even define the concept of that term the way you do. I don't divide people into group-think mentalities and then impose what I think they should think themselves into categories that suit my worldview. To me people are individuals with their own minds. People like Mr. HK Edgerton, whom you and people like you mock, insult with ugly hateful stereotypes, and then pat yourselves on the back at how "tolerant" you claim to be. I have seen more ugliness for people like you than I have ever seen from people who are openly members of racial hate groups like the KKK or the New Black Panther Party. At least those assholes admit what they are openly.
By contrast, I believe that non-white Southerners who honor this heritage rightly as their own are among the bravest people that I know. That is why I stand beside them and other Southerners who honor this heritage as true brothers and sisters. 

Now let me ask you the same question in reverse, sir: From YOUR stance, these non-white Southerners who honor that flag as a part of their own living heritage today should likewise what? Get over it? The fact that they don't matter - something you have clearly shown sir - is what is truly exclusionary. And it disgusts me personally. 

For me, the presence of the flag is keeping a state of mind alive that is, by its very nature, divisive and oppressive.

A state of mind actually shared by white supremacists and not by true defenders of Southern heritage of all colors and faiths ironically. What does that say about you sir? Since you obviously have no idea what those who tolerate the presence of that flag believe - and indeed accept the misuse of it by haters - your opinion is tainted by your own ignorance.

Even defenders of the flag today are divisive.

In your laughable worldview perhaps. Then again I suppose every group has it's share of divisive character....unless you think blocking off highway access to a hospital in Arizona and endangering lives to make a "political statement" is representative of all non-Conservative activists in America?

They still want secession. Look at how many Southron groups are out in defense of the flag and "Southern Heritage". 

Ooooooh, I see....you equate Southern Nationalist groups with the whole of Confederate heritage defense. Again that group-think mentality. Oh boy.
Southern nationalists make up barely 5% of Confederate heritage defenders, if that. Most of them are angry hotheads who have no real influence over anything. I myself hold no real love for the concept since I am proudly American and Southern, a former US Veteran, and a proud Constitutional Conservative in political terms.

Also, it isn't just me that thinks that way. Lee and Davis both said that the flag should be put away so it would not become divisive. 

Really? I have heard this stated before, but nobody has been able to present me with proof - including letters written by either man - that suggests this to be undeniably true. Since you posted this I can only presume you have such material available. Do you? Whenever can be honest about the reasons for the war and what "heritage" is being honored, then as honest, unifying discussion can be had.
Whenever can? I believe you left out a word there. It should read: Whenever YOU can...".
As for your statement itself, I think if you check out this link you will find that I am more than honest about what the war was about. Nor have I made any claim on YouTube on the page this discussion started out on that has anything to do with the reasons for the war. That has been acknowledged but you seem to be unable to move past it. Probably because anything outside your alleged comfort zone is too scary. Sorry but this blog isn't a "safe zone" against ideals you disagree with. 
Finally sir, I do not believe that you have even tried to approach this subject with the intention of having an honest, unifying discussion. I believe you came to this discussion with the intention of imposing your view on me, trying - and failing - to find holes in my common sense views, and being an asshole when you ended up getting your own fallacies in logic thrown back at you.
However, I will give you a chance to prove me wrong. If indeed you want to have an honest discussion about the subject, my open and
uncensored blog is here and I will happily continue this debate point by point.

Well folks, there you have it.

Time will tell if our newly pwned Tool, Mr. Ledridge, will take up the challenge and have the courage to come to this blog to respond, perhaps even offer proof of his own statements about Lee and Davis. I won't hold my breath though. 

Regardless, I hope that those reading this will take some good ole Southern Fried Common Sense away with them. That is why this simple country writer from South Carolina is here, to confront ignorance with good humor and common sense logic.

Y'all have a good day and a Happy Easter Holiday!


  1. Excellent post!
    Education is what we need to turn the tide against us, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

    1. Thanks Terry. I believe to some degree the tide is already in our favor in spite of the events of the last year, or so - politically and morally. The opposition has overreached and now many of them - including our dear Governor Knee-Jerk Haley - are feeling the pinch.

    2. The solution to Knee-Jerk Haley’s problem is there within the Hervey Equation...
      White Guilt = Black Oppression.

      In his last public appearance (just before he was killed, not ‘lynched’ BTW), Anthony Hervey spoke of India’s long standing oppression of blacks. India was enslaving blacks long before the days of Christopher Columbus. India is still extremely racist in its treatment of blacks and Haley knows all this.

      When Haley sat with the families of victims of the church massacre that anti-black racism that is India riddled her with guilt. For in India culture, Haley’s light skin color is prized as superior, the India version of white and supreme. And some of Haley’s relatives displayed that India-based, pro-light skin, anti-black racism when she was a girl.

      The victim families did a Christian thing by forgiving the killer; Haley’s racist, guilt prevented her from doing the same. She had to make her supreme, India-white, guilt-ridden-self feel better by oppressing somebody. Haley knew there are black Confederates. She couldn’t have grown up in the South without encountering some of them. Blacks united with Whites... proud of their shared Confederate Heritage... not uncommon.

      Haley freed herself of guilt, the PC media crowned her as the new PC Queen of the Republican Leaders. Then her knee-jerk reaction got Anthony Hervey killed, along with the two ABC news people gunned down in Virginia, a Houston Deputy shot dead at a gas station and other related deaths. Not to mention the deaths of the Presidential dreams of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

      As a Yankee I know that True Confederates are the most pro-US people on the planet. Haley joined with ISIS-americans, like Black Lives Matter and the PC media, against the US team...

      and the US team ain’t done fightin’ yet.

  2. @Steve manturtle gambone...


    If only Nikki "white guilt" Haley would read your comments!

    Southern Confederates are the most pro-American people that I have ever met. I just took on the position of head recruiter for my local S.C.V. Camp 1212 in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. The people are dying for the truth.

    Keep on posting and wake the people. ....

    1. @K. Terry DeFee

      Haley wouldn't handle reading my words too well. There's no way around the fact that her actions got a lot of people killed. She's just not Southern enough in her heart... not uncommon in first generation people.

      Up here in Massachusetts few know the truth about last year's anti-Confederate witch hunt, and it's not over yet. So I do what I can to spread the word. Most people are shocked and horrified when told about it all... the desecrated graves, vandalized monuments, assaults and the death toll.

      I'm spreading the terms 'ISIS-americans' and 'ISIS-like' when writing about Black Lives Matter and the rest of those anti-Confederate, anti-US hate groups. Those PC fascists would destroy all of US history so we might as well hyphenate them to their terrorist counterparts.

      You should spread the word about C.W.s blog here. I'd suggest the Virginia Flaggers blog as well... it's on blogspot too. Blogs are still the best way to get the truth out. Facebook sucks as an anti-PC battle platform. Lot's of Confederates got Faceblocked or Facebanned outright last year.

      As a head recruiter you could put a Southern Fried Common Sense sign up, or hand out flyers with a short list of Pro-Confederate blogs. People need the truth and the online places to go for it.

      Every battle for Liberty needs a few Paul Revere and William Dawes types to spread the word. Being a damn Yankee I'm clueless about the Southern versions of those two Revolutionary dudes...

      So y'all just substitute whatever Southern hero names ya like.

  3. @Steve manturtle Gambone...thank you for your support. My goal is to build 4 new Confederate museums in each Southern state.
    Here in Charleston, S.C., they have raised over 70 million dollars for a slave museum that will have the Northern point of view...all lies!
    It is my goal to spread the word and wake the people. When you look at the hell that our great grandparents went thru, telling the truth to the current generation is a piece of cake.
    It is time to spread the truth no matter what the Northern liberal establishment thinks. All comments and suggestions are appreciated! !!!

    1. @K.Terry DeFee... Cool idea to build the museums. There are ways to raise the cash by being bloggy-business wise.

      Up my way, in the city of Worcester (pronounced "woostah" or "wustah" by the locals but also called Wormtown) a blogger named Turtleboy got famous and started making a living off his blog with local advertisers.

      The big newspaper, the Worcester Telegram and Gazette had gotten too politically correct in its reporting and was censoring too many politically incorrect online comments. That created an opportunity for an alternate, money-making, online news source where freedom of speech ruled. Turtleboy Sports provided readers, commenters and advertisers a new online venue here in Worcester County. Anybody can repeat and build on that success, anywhere in the US with a blog. It takes little to no money to start or run the the thing... it's just a blog.

      You could do it, the Virginia Flaggers, or C.W. could do it. It's not that hard because the existence of Turtleboy Sports has already established how it works. There are probably bloggers down there doing something similar but we'd need something bigger with more potential cash flow 'cuz we gotta support more pro-Confederate causes like yours.

      People can only donate so much money, but there must be a million pro-Confederate businesses that need to advertise at lower cost than in the overpriced, anti-Confederate PC newspapers. Up here Wormtown way, Turtleboy was getting over half a million views a month. Turtleboy's an anti-Confederate Yankee.

      You Confederates have gotta be able to top that dope.