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Monday, December 7, 2015

Honoring Pearl Harbor Day - Remember December 7th!

Today, the United States of America honors Pearl Harbor Day, marking the 74th anniversary of the attack on the US Naval Station at Pearl Harbor, near Honolulu, Hawaii on Sunday, December 7, 1941 by what was then the Empire of Japan. 
This day honors the memories of over those killed and wounded during the attack including: 
2,403 US military personal killed, 1,178 wounded. 
68 Hawaiian and US civilians killed, 35 wounded. 
64 Japanese Military personal killed. 
To honor of the memories of those military personal who died and those veterans who survived the Pacific Theater of World War II (December 1941 - September 1945) this blogger proudly remembers Pearl Harbor Day. 
God Bless America!  


  1. This is my favorite holiday website for children, done by children. So cute!

    1. Well we strive to please and above all to educate, Casey. More than I can say for most of the content on the net these days.

      I've always found one of the best joys in life is to educate. I am not a school teacher though, but I do work in a library and help with reading programs. There is no greater joy than watching a young child, or in some cases an adult, learn to read the first time. You can literally open whole new worlds with books. My public library was the place I practically grew up and where I learned more than many of my teachers ever managed to drill into me. Oh I thank them for the basics mind you, but the best teachers I had were the ones who reminded me over and over that learning never really ends. If you have a love for learning, you find it's a thirst that is never truly quenched.

      I suppose that above all else is why I started this blog. That and I wanted to share my love for where I live and its amazing history. Upstate South Carolina is one of the oldest places in America with history that has influenced the course of American identity, Southern identity, and - of course - United States history in many big ways. It is safe to say that without my little corner of America, there would not even BE a United States...at least not as we know it today. Particularly in relation to the American Revolutionary War.

      But anyhow sir (or is it ma'am, Casey is sorta a gender neutral one there) thank you again for your time and for commenting. Have a Happy Holiday season. Shalom.

    2. Thanks that's great how you manage to write at a child's comprehension level all the time. Do you practice or have you peaked and it's something that just happens?

    3. Humm, you know, I don't entirely believe that anyone has asked me that question seriously before. Well, considering that I've had to struggle with mild autism from an early age, despite my high IQ and ability to reason things with a higher level of common sense than average, I am told I do quite well writing things that folks of all ages can follow.

      Clue you in on something important, especially when writing about local historical events: don't try to write in a way that sounds patronizing, or like you believe your audience should be grateful for what you tell them. I find that any writer, historian, or educator who writes like a know-it-all all the time is a bit of a turn-off. Never cared for it as a kid, and certainly don't find it amusing as an adult. Most other people don't either in my experience.

      In short, you can be an intellectual, but you don't have to sound like a self-righteous prick who thinks their audience is beneath them. That is the type of blogger who believes that those who come to their blogs with questions, or even different perspectives, are somehow too stupid to learn.

      Truth is that the best teachers are those who realize that one never really stops learning. Sadly, I've known far too many bloggers who never seem to pick up on that - and so far none of them have ever learned their lessons despite the personal setbacks they endure for it.

      Well again thanks for your time....oh and I notice you didn't answer my previous question. Male of female? I can't call you "it" if you decide to keep writing, even if you are trans-gendered. I have a friend and coworker who is trans, but she still calls herself a she (and Plaid I know you read this blog, hon, that shoutout is for you!). I presume that you have a preference? If you are in fact a trans-person, perhaps you could give me some personal insight, or details for a future blog posts on the subject?

      Just thought I'd throw that one out there, and I am being serious. ~C.W.

  2. Thanks, and I admire that you keep the "know-it-all" attitude undercover but put the "know-nothing" stuff right out on Front Street. Must be something to fear in a debate. And the Z pronouns work just fine thanks!

    1. I admit to being curious. You suggesting that some detail in one of my humble blog posts is in error? Well if so perhaps you could site an example of this phenomenon and point out some legitimate source material that proves the point? I am always grateful for feedback, that is assuming you have something of merit to contribute.

      Sorry, I don't mean to sound rude or come off that way. I am not mad (it takes a good bit to rile this country writer up) and I truly do appreciate constructive criticism. Still, I cannot imagine that any of my posts about local history, Southern heritage, science and wildlife, or various other topics possess any factual errors. Or do you think I mislabeled a planet in one of my planetary photographs? That WOULD be an embarrassment. The folks at the planetarium would never let me live that one down!

      Still, if you (or anyone else for that matter) can site a factual error, I will correct it and credit you with the discovery of the mistake. Least I can do. Indeed, I think I will include that on the main page. Sort of a reader's challenge as it were.

      Well I expect to hear from you again sometime sooner or later. Oh and still don't know if that Casey is a male or female tag. I'm thinking the former, though the writing style suggests at least some grasp of insight into the feminine mind. Let me guess, older sisters, or sisters-in-law? Sympathies there if so.

      Well catch ya later.