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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day From South Carolina!

I would like to wish all the followers of my blog a very Happy Independence Day today!

Enjoy your outdoor sports, your barbeques and bonfires. Enjoy your swimming pools, favorite water holes, water-balloon fights and water guns. Enjoy sitting on the porch steps eating your watermelons. Enjoy the parades and other festivities. Enjoy your fireworks -- but be sure to keep a bucket of cold water or connected water hose, as possibly some burn cream standing by, just in case. Also be mindful of aged war veterans living close by and your pets, as both can sometimes react badly to firework noises.

Above all, remember that as Americans you live in an (allegedly) free and independent country today because of the efforts of many brave men and women who put their lives and personal liberty on the line and won that independence during the American Revolutionary War (1775 - 1783).

Those most responsible were those Continental soldiers and militiamen from here in the Great State of South Carolina, and the American Southland whose contributions were largely responsible for the overall victory for American Independence during the Southern Campaign of the war (1780-81).

Fort Moultrie, Charleston, SC. June 4, 1776.
General Thomas "Gamecock" Sumter. SC Partisan Leader. 1780-81.
General Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion. SC Partisan Leader. 1780.
Huck's Defeat, York County, SC. July 12, 1780.
Kings Mountain, SC. October 7, 1780.
Cowpens, SC. January 17, 1781.

Happy 239th Birthday America And Have A Wonderful US Independence Day Everyone!

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